IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) was founded in 1945 as an independent, nonprofit organization in UK with an aim to reduce the number of fatalities and LTIs caused due to hazardous workplace environment. IOSH enables managers and delegates to review their working environment, identify and manage risks effectively, and establish proper health and safety measures.

IOSH provides health and safety training to personnel who are accountable for health and safety of the employees in the organization. The challenge is to educate managers to raise awareness on the specific risks at the workplace and identify/implement appropriate preventive measures. Certified members are assisted in managing their resources, getting involved in the preparation of risk assessments, and holding events to advertise the cause of health hazards. Currently, IOSH has more than 40,000 members in 85 countries supporting the cause.

Green World Group, with its expertise in the field of health and safety training and qualified trainers, helps individuals gain a better insight into IOSH and trains them in skills required to reach higher Occupational and Health safety standards.

In Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Oman, Green World Group offers the below-listed IOSH approved courses:

1. IOSH Managing Safely
2. IOSH Working Safely

IOSH health and safety training courses are for professionals from all industry sectors and at different levels within an organization. The IOSH modules are designed to provide professionals, all the information they need to ensure a healthy and safe working environment.

Our regional training center are at the following convenient locations

  • UAE : Dubai, Abu Dhabi, AL AIN, Sharjah
  • Saudi Arabia : Jubail, Al khobar
  • Oman : Muscat
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