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November 20, 2020
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November 21, 2020

It is very glad to say that Green World’s in-house training successfully completed the program on First Aid Awareness Face-to-face Training with one of our precious clients - Dante Labs Genomics. Our tutor conducted the session in a very engaging manner and obtained excellent remarks from the participants.

What is First Aid Awareness Training?

This training program is designed to best suit the needs of delivering the participants with good knowledge of what first aid is. In addition, it helps with understanding some basic first aid techniques helpful in case of an emergency situation.

Objectives of First Aid Awareness Training

Emergencies may happen anytime, anywhere. Hence, it is good to make the staff and members to be prepared and have some learning on basic first aid skills. It helps the employees/learners to tackle the emergency situations effectively and enables treatment at the earliest possible.

  • Save life in critical situations
  • Understand the responsibilities of the first aider
  • Managing a casualty under various emergency situations
  • Reducing the number of workplace accidents through awareness
  • Protect the sufferer
  • Promote recovery and preserve life

What are the outcomes of training?

  • Essential understanding of the requirements of a person at work in delivering the first aid
  • Skills in basic emergency first aid activities
  • Confidence in skills and abilities related to first aid administration.
  • Knowledge of emergency action principles (CPR)
  • Understanding the procedure to call for help, that includes EMS (Ambulance Service)
  • Skills to assist in emergencies faced in their work environments

Training by Green World Group

Aimed at cultivating the necessary emergency first aid awareness in the workplace, Green World Group meets the needs of clients through its pioneer approach to delivering learning. We take pride in the proficiency of our in-house training team in establishing successful training solutions through virtual/live and in-person environments for our esteemed clients.

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