How challenging is the IOSH Examination

What is An HACCP Program? HACCP Program Example
April 23, 2024
What is An HACCP Program? HACCP Program Example
April 23, 2024

General Challenges Faced by The Aspirants Of IOSH Course

Useful for Class A, B, C and D fires. They are identified with the label colour blue.

Lacking self-confidence

The low level of confidence leaves the candidates with doubts about their capabilities and produces a feeling of fear of failure, ultimately affecting their performance in the exam.

Comprehending complex concepts

There are numerous technical factors, regulations, and complex concepts included in the health and safety sector. Often it becomes a challenge for the candidates, specifically, for beginners, to understand such things.

Deal with plenty of information

Candidates have to deal with an extensive range of topics on health and safety principles, legislation, and best practices. It may be difficult to cope with a lot of information, managing and retaining that crucial information.

Time management

Achieving a balance between personal responsibilities, work, and preparing for exams is truly a challenge. Devoting time to exam-related tasks such as studying, revising, and practicing may end up in stress, leading to knowledge gaps.

Exam Fear

The fear of the exam can bring negative impacts such as mental obstructions, lack of concentration, and anxiety, which can affect the efficiency of performing in the exam.

Insufficient practical knowledge

Besides theoretical skills, practical expertise related to health & safety principles is also important for certain real-time cases. This presents challenges of relating theoretical concepts to practical scenarios and precise knowledge on answering application-based questions.

Fewer study resources

Some candidates may be restrained from access to high-quality study materials, resources, and practice exams, hindering the ability to gain knowledge on the exam format.

How To Overcome the IOSH Course Examination?

Overcome the IOSH Exam difficulties in a few steps:

  • Improve your self-esteem!
  • Be good at complex concepts.
  • Deal with the amount of information
  • Time management
  • Overcome exam fear

With a positive mind and the right tactics, candidates can effectively tackle the above challenges. Below-listed approaches can help in navigating the challenges faced in the IOSH exam journey.

Improve your self-esteems

  • Strong foundation – Make the foundation strong by understanding the key topics and concepts, reviewing study materials, taking notes, and getting clarified.
  • Mock exams – Understand the exam format and question types. Improve your confidence with practice questions.
  • Identify your strength – Focus on your area of strength to improve your knowledge. This motivates and builds confidence.

Be good at complex concepts

  • Breakdown the complex concepts into smaller parts and embrace additional resources to improve the understanding.
  • Use case studies to relate complex concepts.
  • Seek support from mentors, tutors, or professionals for guidance

Deal with the amount of information

  • Prioritize the key topics and concentrate on them.
  • Improve information flow by accessing effective study techniques such as visual materials, and mnemonic devices, and taking up key points.
  • Regular reviewing helps in retaining the information.

Time management

  • Schedule your exam preparation with dedicated time slots.
  • Allot time-based on topics.
  • Ensure to study in a calm environment away from distractions.
  • Refresh the study hours with enough short breaks.

Overcome exam fear

  • Well-prepare yourself with regular revisions, practices, and mock exams.
  • Improve your confidence by developing positive thoughts about past success.


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