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NEBOSH International Diploma – Elearning mode (enrollment from GWG India)

The NEBOSH International Diploma is considered to be the highest qualification for health and safety practitioners all around the world. The course builds on the topics covered in the NEBOSH International Certificate courses and extensively deals with health and safety management, hazardous agents, and work equipment safety. It provides the special knowledge and basic understanding, in addition to delivering the expertise, needed to undertake a career as a Safety and Health Practitioner. It is suitable for aspiring health and safety professionals and will help them progress to a higher level in their career in Occupational Health and Safety.

Green World has now attained the pinnacle of NEBOSH GOLD Learning Partner Status across all the regions it operates in India, Middle East & Africa!

Green World Group offers the NEBOSH International Diploma as an E-learning program. Through the GWG E-learning platform, students from Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Oman can access a wide range of study resources such as videos, audios, case studies, practice tests, and grade books. The course material is designed to help students gain knowledge and skills of international standards in the area of health & safety and to guide them in becoming international health and safety practitioners.

Another highlight of the NEBOSH International Diploma is that candidates who successfully complete the course are eligible to apply for graduate membership of IOSH (GradIOSH). You can also become a chartered safety and health practitioner as a chartered member of IOSH (CMIOSH). Although there are no prerequisites for enrollment to the course, students with International General Certificate will have an advantage over others as they would have already acquired the basic knowledge.

NEBOSH HSE Certificate In Process Safety Management – Key Facts
Course level Level 6
Units Unit IA, Unit IB, Unit IC, Unit DNI
Eligibility Minimum standard of English proficiency is required
Assessments Written examinations of three hours duration for Units IA, IB and IC (3*Half day exams) , Assignment unit, assessing application of health and safety theory and practice for Unit DNI(1*8000 words assignment)
Training Mode E-Learning

Course Content

The NEBOSH International Diploma course is split into four units of study, each of which is assessed separately.
Unit IA: International Management of Health and Safety

Element Number Element Title Recommended Hours
1 Principles of Health and Safety Management 8
2 Loss causation and incident investigation 5
3 Measuring and Reviewing Health and Safety performance 6
4 Identifying hazards, Assessing and Evaluating risk 12
5 Risk control 8
6 Organizational factors 12
7 Human factors 12
8 Regulating Health and Safety 16
Minimum unit tuition time 91
Recommended private study time 75

Unit IB: International control of hazardous agents in the workplace

Element Number Element Title Recommended Hours
1 Principles of toxicology and epidemiology 8
2 Hazardous substances and other chemicals- assessment of risk 5
3 Hazardous substances and other chemicals- Engineering
controls and Personal Protective Equipment
4 Monitoring and Measuring 6
5 Biological agents 7
6 Physical agents 1- Noise and Vibration 10
7 Physical agents 2- Radiation 9
8 Psychological agents 5
9 Musculoskeletal risks and control 4
10 Work environment risks and control 5
11 Managing occupational health 8
Minimum unit tuition time 71
Recommended private study time 50

Unit IC: International workplace and work equipment safety

Element Number Element Title Recommended Hours
1 General workplace issues 7
2 Principles of fire and explosion 6
3 Workplace fire risk assessment 6
4 Storage, Handling and Processing of dangerous substances 7
5 Work equipment(General) 9
6 Work equipment(Workplace machinery) 11
7 Work equipment(Mobile, Lifting and Access) 6
8 Electrical Safety 7
9 Construction hazards and controls 7
10 Workplace transport and driving for work 4
11 Pressure system hazards and controls 5
Minimum unit tuition time 75
Recommended private study time 50

Unit ID: International application of Health and Safety theory and practice

Element Number Element Title Recommended Hours
1 Application of Health and Safety theory and practice 6
Recommended private study time 50
Minimum total tuition time 231
Recommended total private study time 225
Total overall hours 456

You must complete all units within 5 years to achieve the full NEBOSH International Diploma qualification. Green World Group recommends the course to be completed within a span of 2 years.