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Online Safety Courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi – UAE

دورة السلامة في دبي وأبو ظبي – الإمارات العربية

Green World Group formulates you to excel at your job through skilful guidance in state-of-the-art amenities. Our variety of customized learning models and courses on International Health and Safety will cultivate the skills and knowledge you entail. You just need to demonstrate your commitment to maintaining optimum health and safety standards and you will stand out in the market. Our Occupational Health and Safety Training courses provides you with the skills to ensure you are safe compliant.

HSE training courses in Dubai

Our Health and safety courses are ideal for HSE professional and individual who wants to enhance their skills and knowledge and also can improve their qualifications in wide areas of safety practices in accordance to international standards.

These courses are

We are renowned for providing exceptional Nebosh training with innovative, affordable and effective learning methodologies helping candidates to accomplish Nebosh professional qualification.


NEBOSH certified safety professionals are in great demand and hence remains the most popular safety certification. World-over, more than 90 per cent of job adverts seeking professionals for various safety positions, demand NEBOSH certification as prime qualification.

Since our inception over a decade, we have become a niche trainer for NEBOSH certification and have been consistently achieving highest pass percentage across all our centres in UAE, India, Angola, Nigeria and Saud Arabia. We are also recognized as a leading NEBOSH affiliated training institution.

Our tutors are skilled to provide cutting-edge guidance to participants to transform them into highly reliable and technically advanced safety professionals who can fit into any industrial environment. Training sessions are packed with high-class learning material, interactive sessions with experts, case studies and mock tests to clear NEBOSH exam.

ما هي دورة نيبوش؟

يوجد طلب كبير من محترفي السلامة المعتمدين على دورات نيبوش وبالتالي تضل نيبوش أكثر شهادات السلامة شعبية. في جميع أنحاء العالم ، يطلب أكثر من 90 في المائة من إعلانات الوظائف التي تبحث عن مهنيين لشغل وظائف السلامة المختلفة ، شهادة NEBOSH كمؤهل رئيسي

منذ إنشائنا على مدار أكثر من عقد من الزمان ، أصبحنا مدربين متخصصين للحصول على شهادة NEBOSH ونحقق باستمرار أعلى نسبة نجاح في جميع مراكزنا في المملكة العربية العربية المتحدة والهند وأنغولا ونيجيريا المملكة العربية السعودية. نحن معروفون أيضًا كمؤسسة تدريب رائدة تابعة لشركة NEBOSH.

يتمتع المعلمون لدينا بمهارة لتوفير التوجيه المتطور للمشاركين لتحويلهم إلى متخصصين في مجال السلامة يعتمد عليهم بدرجة عالية ومتقدمون تقنيًا ويمكن أن يتناسبوا مع أي بيئة صناعية. تزخر الدورات التدريبية بمواد تعليمية عالية الجودة وجلسات تفاعلية مع الخبراء ودراسات الحالة واختبارات تجريبيه اتجرية امتحان NEBOSH.

Why Green World Group is Best safety Training Institutes in Dubai

Green World Group is committed to crafting a world of work which is safe, strong and sustainable. We have been providing Health and Safety training solutions in the UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

As thought leaders we thrive to drive our profession by delivering excellence by

  • International Quality Standards
  • Customer delight and satisfaction
  • High grade exam results
  • 100 % completion rates

Green World Group as a brand We work in enhancing people performance in businesses. We can create what you are looking for with the support of the following;

  • We deliver extensive and agile training courses with the support of an experienced and exceptional team of technical trainers.
  • We endeavour to distinguish and attain the international benchmark than to nod to ordinary training.
  • We know that every business is diverse and thus our learning courses are tailored, novel and innovative.
  • At every step, we have received tremendous support from our customers making us even better and unique.
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