HACCP & Essentials of Food Safety – Introduction

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June 29, 2021
HACCP & Essentials of Food Safety – Brilliance at PRP Basics
July 7, 2021

This video is a part of the webinar session on HACCP and Essentials of Food Safety conducted by Green World Group with Mr. Aloysius G. Pasion – Market Food Safety Manager & Quality Pillar Lead, Nestle’ MENA, Middle-East & Africa.


Video Transcription

My name is Aloysius, I am market quality team leader for NESTLE Middle-East and Africa. So I am conducting a short course on “HACCP and the Essentials of Food Safety”, the presentation will be focused on HACCP methodology.

So, I am starting the slide with this particular diagram which shows the food safety management system. What is the composition and how is it related to your quality management system?

At the heart of our food safety management system, we have our PRP setup HACCP. So this is providing the foundation of a food safety management system, which is in part of your overall management system for quality. This should be the foundation or the basis for food manufacturer to release our product into the market, ensuring that our food safety program is solidly in place. Making sure that the products that we manufacture for our consumers is safe.


how do we assess or how do we determine whether our food safety management system is effective?

In this slide, we implement our Quality pyramid. So this is a basic in which we are able to measure how effective is our quality and food safety management system.

So we take into account and measure any Product Recalls or withdrawals that we have in the market.

So we take into consideration Consumer Complaints.

  • So we have measures the Foreign body consumer complaints and
  • we've also measures the none for budget related consumer.

So each and every consumer complaint is handled with consumer complaint handling process in order to give feedback to the consumer on what is the root cause for that particular complaint, and to provide them some insights.

To ensure that the product of this manufacturer is safe and it is satisfying the needs of that particular consumer. We also monitor

  • Exceptional releases
  • First Time Right
  • Quality near misses &
  • PRP deviations

So these are just some of the measures that we implement in order for us to assess how are we really performing in the implementation of our food safety management system.

Are we delivering as what we have promised to the consumer?

Every aspect of our system really strongly in place with the foundations, making sure that we provide the products to the consumer as what we have promised them. So the quality pyramid is an essential tool for us to really track where we are and where we want to go.

“The heart of your quality management system is food safety management system”

And in order to achieve that, I am presenting one slide, which is to show you where we need to go. So this is basically to build a food safety culture.


We need to have clear understanding on those requirements,

  • what are those foundations?
  • What are those aspects on food safety? That is non-negotiable that needs to be strongly in place and needs to be strictly implemented, monitored and validated.

So to achieve this, you need to really have a competency building plan, making sure that this understanding is not only when the quality team of that particular organization. But this understanding is provided and it's cascaded down to the shop floor because it is only where the common understanding and common approach and ways of working that you were able to start building a food safety culture by fostering the understanding of everyone and everybody is committed towards the common goal of making sure that the product that has been manufactured.


With building the understanding we develop ownership.

So by having the understanding, you know what is the impact of each PRP or critical control binder, it's control point that you have.

You will now foster for each and every person in the organization to have ownership because each person has their own role to play in, in food safety management systems and quality management systems.

This message is what we try to build on for that each and every aspect of the organization will be able to have ownership of their own processes and to make sure that quality is embedded or especially food safety is embedded in everything that they do.


By having an ownership, this facilitates a mindset to make sure that.

“The quality and food safety is a habit and that in every particular activity that they engage on, whether it's a prerequisite program or it's a release system, or it's a HACCP plan. The overall mindset is really to make sure that food safety is non-negotiable and needs to be strongly in place to make sure that the products that we manufacture are safe.”

So, now we going to discuss, what are the essential elements of food safety? In my experience towards the years of practicing food safety management system and HACCP, I have come up with a couple of points.

1. First Brilliance at the PRP basics

It is a pillar of your food safety management system.

So if you don't have this strongly in place or you are not brilliant in the implementation of your PRP, your quality system and your food safety management system are.

So we need to be brilliant at the basics.

2. HACCP at the Shop floor

Second one is you need to have your hustle, but you need to have your HACCP at the Shop floor.

You cannot have a HACCP subsystem that is Fully implemented, because in the end, it is the Shop floor who does the monitoring of your control measures. This is very essential.

3. Robust Release System

Third one is you need to have robust release system.

So when we say Robust Release System, it should be in a pragmatic way, we were in the HACCP plan. It's the foundation of your release system. Once the product comes into the market, they come across a lot of issues on food safety.

So you need to have your release system having HACCP as a foundation.

So for me, having these three elements will help you to have a very effective for safety management system in your company to make sure that the part of the manufacturer is safe.

So what is the ideal setup for an FSMS?

So I have three scenarios;

  • Factory A is having 10 PRP's 5 OPRP's and 5 CCP's.
  • Factory B is having 20 PRP's, 0 OPRP's and 0 CCP's.
  • And, Factory C has 15 PRP's, 2 OPRP's and 1 CCP's.

Which do you feel is the factory that is having an ideal set up for food safety management systems? Am giving you a few seconds to think about it.

Out of three. Factory C is one of the best setups that you can have. Having a 15 PRP's 2 OPRP's and 1 CCP's compared to factory A and factory B, if you are able to achieve this, then you have the most ideal setup for the food safety management system in food manufacturing organization.

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