ISO 45001: 2018 lead auditor Training Course
June 3, 2021
HACCP & Essentials of Food Safety – Introduction
July 5, 2021
ISO 45001: 2018 lead auditor Training Course
June 3, 2021
HACCP & Essentials of Food Safety – Introduction
July 5, 2021

We are all safety professionals so the best thing as for my thinking to start with the safety moment. And in the safety moment which I had chosen for today is stress. And there is definitely a reason why I have chosen stress. Everybody has experienced the stress at one point or other in their lifetime.

And in my opinion, every one of us have faced it and particularly in the current time, is very unique and believe me, it is not once in lifetime. It's much more than that and that is about pandemic. Because of the pandemic, we are living in a different world. We are not able to see about pros worlds. We are not able to travel and people are losing jobs, people are feeling sick, lot of things. So I thought it's very relevant time.

Let me talk a little bit about this stress in the safety moment

  • what is a stress?
  • How do we know it?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • And why it causes?
  • Why it comes and
  • why people feels stressed.

And then I'll give you some simple tips to manage the stress so that we can live a better life, we can live a more comfortable, and we can be more efficient and effective in our daily coarse, wherever and whatever we are doing.

what is a stress?

Stress is actually condition of your physical and mental well-being. It can come from anything, actually stress is how your body reacts to the current situation. When your body reacts to the current situation, as for your ability, as per intelligence label, as for your role, then you can say that person is not as stressed, but when those reactions to the challenging conditions are not abnormal, then it's an indication that the person is under stress.

What are the symptoms? And how long we recognize it?

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms are broadly classified into 2 categories.

One is your behavior change i.e. you become angry very easy or you become restless and your reactions are like knee-jerk reactions. You lose control is easy and you can't concentrate on what you are doing, you can't give your output to your ability. So these are the behavioral symptoms that a person, which could be me, which could be you, which could be any affable colleague is in stress.

“And then when a person is in stress, I have seen it and this is what I read that's what the experts say the person's behavior forces him to go back into his own shell. And believe me that is one of the most dangerous thing for a stress person.”

But it happens that people go into their own shell, they stopped meeting their colleagues, they stopped meeting their friends, and they stopped participating in social events. So these are the behavioral symptoms, which we can recognize and we don't need any expert to tell us that you or your colleague is in stress ourselves can recognize it.

And then there are some health symptoms, some health indications, you feel fatigued, you feel tired, you can have, you know these diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, you’re eating habits to start changing.

And how long we recognize it?

Generally, you start eating more, you start putting weight as to these are all the indications, which we can recognize ourselves.

“We know what is the stress? We knew what are the symptoms?”

What can we do?

We can identify those causes and then we should work to eliminate those causes so that we can then manage the stress and we can live a healthy life.

And what are those causes?

We as a human being, always like to be in our comfort zone. When we cannot work, we'll make changes, we move from one work and more mentor from that work environment for some time obviously that becomes a comfort zone. And then you move away from your comfort zone, unknowingly, unconsciously, you become stress.

And, one of the things which you will find a little strange is brain. Brain in the human body is the laziest organ, right at the same time, it's the smartest target. So brain has a tendency to refuse anything new. So whenever, you know, a new technologies imposed on us, a new work is imposed on us, our brain reacts it’s not my cup of tea. These are the reasons, which can result into stress.

Once we know that, we don't have to feel guilty, we don't have to be ashamed. This is purely a human behavior. This is purely part of our daily life. We should try to work to eliminate those causes. We must exercise more and more to remain healthier mentally and physically.

As I have said before that when a person is stressed, it starts avoiding the social contacts, that shouldn’t be done, you should socialize more.

If you do not talk about your worries, then one day they are going to worse the rupture disc in your body, in your system. And that will make you less effective and less efficient. So eat healthily and there is no shame, there is no hesitation in case if I'm not able to manage it, go and ask for help.

Why do we do it? Why should I do it? Even if am in stress. So that I can lead a healthier, mentally and physically I can deliver more professionally, effectively and efficiently. Thank you.

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