How to Get Food Safety & HACCP Certificate in Abu Dhabi?

What is Food Safety & what are the 7 Principles of HACCP?
March 20, 2021
ISO 45001: 2018 lead auditor Training Course
June 3, 2021

Food safety and hygiene are much important as they make sure that the food you handle and produce is safe to consume. In case food safety and cleanliness are not concerned, consumers could turn out to be sick with food contamination and foodborne diseases. Thus, food safety and hygiene are much important to ensure the health and wellbeing of food buyers.

Green World Group offers a wide range of Food Safety Courses which provides candidates with adequate knowledge and skills on critically analyze, implement and make sure that the work runs in adherence with HACCP standards as well as the globally recognized food safety practices to ensure the quality of food particles.

Who can take a Food Safety Course?

  • Students/Fresher
  • Individuals engaged in food safety
  • Professionals in food manufacturing/food processing unit

Green World Group offers the following HACCP/Food Safety Training Courses in Abu Dhabi, UAE:

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