Food Safety & HACCP Certification course Training in UAE

Level 1 Food Safety Awareness

This course provides basic awareness on dangers and risks in providing and handling low risk food. The level 1 food safety course provides awareness on dangers in managing low risk food. The training enhances the knowledge on basic hygiene and safe practices in managing food items, how to prevent food from getting spoiled or contaminated due to internal and external factors and safe work culture. The training session also includes classes on various food safety regulations and healthy practices for supplying high quality and safe food for people.

Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Manufacturing

The level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for manufacturing course make sure that the candidates get fundamental knowledge of food hygiene and procedures to create health and safe work place , work in adherence with food safety regulations, avoid food contamination and enhance food safety and healthy practices.

Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Retail

This Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Retail course is best suited for entrepreneurs who are doing business as food handlers or distributers and their workers in the supply chain. The course provides students an insight into important aspects of food safety principles such as safe handling practices, appropriate state laws on food safety, risks and hazard management, food hygiene, regulations for safe transportation, causes of food contaminations and managing high quality food.

Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering

This Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering course offers excellent platform for students and working professionals to develop awareness on food safety, applicable state rules and regulations, standard workplace hygiene, safe and healthy food preparation practices, causes of food adulteration and preventive methods to achieve high quality food for consumers.

Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Manufacturing

This Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Manufacturing course can be joined by managers, supervisors or food inspectors who want to enhance their knowledge, understanding and knowhow on food safety regulations, practices and processes and how to handle safe food at workplaces and throughout the supply chain points. Students also learn overall HACCP food safety management system.

Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Catering

This Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Catering course trains food safety managers and food control supervisors to have latest knowledge and updates on food compliance principles, safety regulations, safer food storage and transportation, general food hygiene, safety at workplaces and understanding of HACCP food safety management system.

Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Retail

This Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Retail course educatesdelegates who are involved in food manufacturing business on importance of providing safe and healthy food, procedures to supply safe and unadulterated food, secure transportation of food and principles of HACCP food safety management system.

HACCP Certification - UAE

Food handlers and food makers who want to train their staff or want to establish safe and healthy work environments must do one of our HACCP training courses so as to ensure highest food safety and compliance conditions. The well-recognised Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) training helps delegates gain the know-how on standard food safety management and procedures and become experts in assessing, controlling, reviewing and monitoring food safety procedures and practise at workplaces. Achievement of this qualification gives learners the skills to assist in the implementation of a HACCP system, to critically evaluate HACCP plans and to understand the importance of having an effective HACCP system in place.

Level 2 HACCP Training For Catering & Retail

This Level 2 HACCP training are ideal for fairly large enterprises who are making food or involved in processing food and want to follow HACCP food management system. Food safety experts train delegates to have practical knowledge on effective managing of food business, how to achieve optimum food quality and food safety procedures.

Level 3 HACCP Training For Catering & Retail

This Level 3 HACCP food safety certification can be best suitable for supervisors and quality control managers who want to learn procedures to achieve highest quality food, best food handling techniques, safe food making environments, how to enforce regulations and managing the food business by following 7 mandatory principles of HACCP.

Level 2 HACCP for Manufacturing

The Level 2 HACCP Training for Manufacturing is aimed at introducing candidates the importance of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points management system and how to implement the law and work safely and details of HACCP implementation parameters.

Level 3 HACCP for Manufacturing

This Level 3 HACCP training for Manufacturing course is intended to make learners comprehend important aspects of a successful HACCP food safety management structure. The course trains candidates enhance their skills to follow HACCP panning process and helps them to identify food safety hazards, to use appropriate control measures and ensure that HACCP system works effectively.


You can use this certification for career growth or as a matter of evidence for compliance and audit purposes.

These HACCP courses are accredited by the prestigious UK-based CPD Certification Service which means that the curriculum is in agreement with the universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) principles.

RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, recognizes this course as a provider of quality and content-approved training to learners.

Environmental Health Officer Approved

The level 3 HACCP Training Course is recognized and certified by Environmental Health Officers, in which they have independently reviewed the training materials and verified whether the information and details are necessary and required for this training level.

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