What is CPD? & How does Continuing Professional Development (CPD) shape your career?
December 8, 2020
What is NEBOSH Process Safety Management?
January 2, 2021
What is CPD? & How does Continuing Professional Development (CPD) shape your career?
December 8, 2020
What is NEBOSH Process Safety Management?
January 2, 2021

The independent and systematic examination, safety audit is meant to check whether the activities of the organization are being implemented effectively and run-in accordance with the policies and objectives of organization that suites the necessities. Or in other words safety audit is a complete process than technical inspection.

Health, safety, and environment auditing is a structured process that indulges in collecting effective information on individual basis, reliability of OHS management and creating plans for corrective actions. Usually auditing examines each and every stage in health and safety management system by means of measuring the compliances along with controls created by the organization with the goal of accessing the effectiveness of standards and check validity for future.

Types of Safety Audits:

  • Compliance Audit
  • Program Audit
  • Management System Audit

Compliance Audit:

This is one of the basic H&S auditing in which the safety auditor looks after and review safety rules and policies of an organization to make sure that the standards are in compliances with safety regulations, in case of failing in this review company may lead to hefty fines.

Compliance audit suggest set of protocols to implement such as ensure the safety of work environment, tracking record on practices, rules and regulations to stay away from fines the organization should focus on compliance audit which is a productive activity as the compliance audit concentrates in controlling major safety issues.

Program Audit:

Assessing safe practices needs dissecting rule book by measuring the inputs gained from workers and each particular component to decide whether the program can provide safe output.

Program audit is the only solution that helps HSE management to evaluate and determine the effectiveness of safety program both in and out. Program audit helps to establish an effective health and safety practices among the organizations in compliance with international OHS standards.

Management System Audit:

Management system audit is the mixture of compliance audit and program audit. The purpose of management system audit is to evaluate current safety program’s performance and determine whether it conforms organization’s regulatory norms and standards.

Management system audit indulges in comprehensive auditing methodology in which compliance reviews, inputs from employees, workplace observation are blend together into single auditing process that provides overall illustration of health safety program.

Health and safety audit will look into,

  • Check whether the present safety procedures are in accordance with law
  • Identify existing risks and its level at workplace
  • Check for documentation (health and safety process and policies)
  • Intimate the strength and weakness of the organization
  • Interview managers, senior personnel
  • Suggest improvements wherever applicable
  • Make sure of health and safety resources for employees
  • Evict unsafe practices
  • Check for work performance

Occupational Health and Safety Auditing Certification in UAE

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