Discover The Perfect
Safety Career Path
with Interactive Training

Look into our offerings of various learning modes and drive your safety career for the best. Make a fresh start to a brighter safety career! Green World Group lends its hand to you for all your health & safety learning.

A spectrum of training modes
to accelerate your successful safety career

Green World Group is highly focused on delivering innovative training solutions uniquely crafted around the needs of learners. We deliver a range of training modes, including virtual online training, e-learning, and in-company training, that can be personalized based on the particular requirements of the learners, giving you the complete flexibility to carry out the training courses you desire. Be prepared for a better tomorrow by nurturing your skills and knowledge in health and safety. Let Green World Group help you take the first step toward a thriving safety career with its diverse training modes.

Virtual Live Online Training

Get into the world of real-time and tutor-led training through professional video conferencing

Dream big and make it come true with the boundless opportunities offered by our cutting-edge Virtual Live Online Training. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch education and embracing sophisticated technology that empowers you and builds you with confident health and safety skills.

Explore the true potential of virtual learning right at your fingers, with the best of honing the skills conveniently. Enjoy the freedom to access high-quality education, no matter where you are! Connect with tutors and fellow learners in real time and acquire the best learning experiences.

Learn valuable skills through interactive sessions taken by industry expert tutors. All our online resources, such as multimedia resources, presentations, and Online Recorded Classes, are designed to keep the learners engaged and with the knowledge needed to upgrade themselves.

E-Learning Online Training

Catering for independent learners with interactive multimedia self-study and audio-based lectures

Green World Group brings you a host of health and safety training solutions to boost your skills and knowledge wherever you are. Our cutting-edge E-Learning training mode is formulated to seamlessly cater to the busy lifestyles of individuals and empower them to foster skills at their own convenient place and time. If you are on the go, our interactive and engaging e-learning online courses are ready to go with you.

Green World Group is here with you as the first-choice learning partner with valuable resources such as recorded sessions with clear voice-over narration, e-resources, SCORM-based audio lecture courseware, sequential study of elements within the qualification, various formative assessments, and mock examinations.

Gear up your professional skills at your own pace! We have a full range of e-learning courses for every subject and expertise level.

In-house Training

Experience the ultimate in flexibility in upskilling the workforce

Take out the hassle of enriching your employees by bringing the courses to your premises. Our comprehensive in-company training solutions provided by experts in the industry allow learners to gain skills at any convenient location that they choose. Participating in our training opens exciting doors to active participation and resolving their queries in real time. All done in the comfort zone that you prefer!

Green World Group organizes on-demand learning solutions perfectly tailored to your team’s needs. We specialize in offering courses intended to improve your business performance by equipping your employees with the knowledge & skills to excel and advance in their respective roles, taking your business to new dimensions of growth.

We realize the need to facilitate professional development opportunities within the organization hence, we ensure that all our In-House training courses are designed around your exact requirements and led by highly regarded tutors. Let your workforce be armed with all in-demand skills and the latest industry trends & best case studies and real-world projects to address your organization’s challenges.