Top 9 Important Reasons “Why Accidents & Incidents are Investigated”

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Incident Investigation is a strategic process that helps an employee to analyse or investigate accidents and risk control plans to determine the underlying cause that happens at the workplace.

Incidents usually occur due to carelessness or ineffective safety precautions. The cause of the incident/accident shall be micro level, but its impact or effect shall be causing a catastrophic consequence.

In order to safeguard the working environment Investigation of the Incident/accident is highly mandatory for every employee.

Top 9 Important Reasons Why Accidents & Incidents are Investigated

  1. To Safeguard Workers: The first and foremost criteria in working premises is to identify the cause of the accidents which helps in mitigating those occurrences. Investigation helps to identify the accident-prone work areas and eliminate their presence by implementing necessary safety precautions.
  2. To Protect the Environment: Investigation helps to find the magnitude of hazard to the environment. It helps to control the environmental damage and protect natural resources.
  3. To Preserve Assets: Incident often results in damage to company assets. It helps to identify and minimize the damage to the company's properties. It eventually secures the purchases and investments made by the company.
  4. To Avoid liability: Incidents may damage certain parties where the company shall be liable. These shall be avoided by following operating procedures like post investigation, which eventually reduces the liabilities caused by them.
  5. To Improve Company Morale: The investigation arrests the reason for the cause of the accident, which may reduce dissatisfaction among workers about the company.
  6. To Improve Brand Image: The Brand reputation can be strengthened by investigating accidents and eliminating their causes. It safeguards the image and the customer interests in the company.
  7. To Meet Insurance requisites: Insurance shall be claimed only under certain agreed terms and conditions. Investigation aids in aligning the company with the procedures. It ultimately helps in the monetary benefits for the company.
  8. To Meet Government policies: Investigation helps to ensure that the company is abiding by the rules and regulations imposed by the government.
  9. For Legal Purposes: Investigation can assure that the companies are meeting the requirements of the law which may result in legal implications if not adhered.

Benefits of Incident Investigation Course:

  • Incident Investigation course is highly accessible to any safety experts, with no entry requirements other than acquiring an underpinning knowledge of health and safety. This course helps learners build a strong foundation for higher-level safety qualifications.
  • This investigation Skills will contribute to driving down incidents within the workplace which equates to financial, moral, and legal benefits.
  • The Incident Investigation course provides confidence to any individuals to carry out an unusual situation at the workplace and makes them take necessary action while controlling risk.

Incident Investigation Course at Green World Group:

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