General Awareness Training conducted for Vedanta Group – copper plant.

No. of members attended was 15, which includes different department’s delegates. Also the Safety Head of this unit. Vedanta Group is one of a leading group all over the globe. Vedanta Group in Fujairah deals with production of copper and precious metals (Gold and Silver). Training was conducted for Copper Unit. Several activities were carried out within the site.

Below mentioned are the topics that were covered during this Training.

– Site Specific hazards (slip, trip, fall etc)
– Work at height – fall of person/materials
– Hot work (welding/grinding) – flames, sparks, fire etc
– Electrical safety – electric shock, fire etc
– Chemical and flammable handling – hazardous substance, explosion etc
– Hot Metal handling – health hazard, molten metal explosion etc
– Use of equipments – noise, vibration etc
– Confined Space entry – asphyxiation, entrapment
– Machineries – mechanical and non-mechanical hazard
– Vehicle safety – collision etc
– Movement of materials – manual handling
– Ergonomic hazard
– General Workplace welfare requirement
– Emergency and evacuation procedure
– First Aid requirements
– Hazard Identification – Task (practical)
– Risk Assessment – assessment

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