How to become an Environment Auditor?

Construction safety training in Dubai by Green World Group
December 3, 2020
What is IOSH Membership?
December 8, 2020
Construction safety training in Dubai by Green World Group
December 3, 2020
What is IOSH Membership?
December 8, 2020

What is environmental auditing?

Construction sector in Dubai is well developed and organised with government forming strict guidelines and regulations not only for the safety and health of the workers but also for the smooth functioning and steady growth of the sector.

Environmental auditing is a mandatory EMS tool to measure the activities on environment are adhere to the policies and criteria in accordance with Environmental Management Standards. The objective of environmental auditing is to check whether the environmental practices are in accordance with the standards.

Now a days almost every organization recognize the significance of environmental matters and practice their environmental practices with the prescribed standards and norms, also they do accept their environmental performance being tested by interested parties.

Usually environmental auditing indulge in three process:

i. Investigate
ii. Understand
iii. Identify

The above steps aids in enhancing human activities with intention to reduce the worst impacts of actions on environment.

How to become an environment auditor?

The role of environment auditor is to study the environmental practices of an organization in both systematic and documented way and create auditing report. Only certified environment auditor can conduct such auditing in any organization.

To become eligible for environment auditor with required skills, eligibilities one can attain it by getting registered into Green World Group’s ISO EMS 14001:2015 lead auditor online course which gives necessary auditing skills and knowledge to conduct first, second, third party auditing in compliance with environment management standards.

Also one needs enough verbal and communication skill in English with good leadership ability , organization and management skills which helps them to conduct EMS auditing in any reputed organization adhere to ISO 14001:2015 policies and standards.

What does an Environmental Auditor Do?

An environment auditor holds the responsibility of auditing any organization in accordance with environment procedures and policies, give better protocols and suggestions to enhance environmental sustainability in compliance with EMS ISO 14001;2015

Environment auditor jobs

Organization / industries nowadays are more concerned in environmental aspects as if they over rule the standards by knowingly or unknowingly may lead them to trouble like paying fines, facing legal issues etc, to keep on monitoring the procedures almost every organizations hire lead auditor to take care of environmental related issue in their business. There are wide job openings for lead auditor presently and in near future.

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