Health and Safety Outsourcing

Every organization has a legal duty to provide competent health and safety support to their staffs. This process can sometimes be costly and require a huge level of competency. Green World Group can help you to outsource your health and safety service due to a corporate policy or reorganization or to cut costs within in your company. Alternatively, you may be aware that other companies outsource their Health and Safety services and you are interested in the benefits of doing this yourselves.

Below listed are some of the advantages of outsourcing health and safety and we can offer you a flexible, tailored service to suit your requirements.

The Challenges of managing Health and Safety in-house The benefits of outsourcing Health and Safety to Green World Group
Ensuring your policies and procedures are complaint with the legislation. We generate confidence that all health and safety issues are being managed properly and in accordance with the regulations.
Exposing your staff to unnecessary risks. We assist you to reduce risks and hazards in the workplace.
Exposure to possible legal action. We offer a safeguard against possible legal action in that all necessary action has been taken to look after the welfare of your employees.
Making sense of HSE legislation and regulations. We keep health and safety simple, pragmatic and jargon-free.
Developing detailed knowledge of health and safety. Our consultants have a wealth of training and experience.
Keeping up to date with changes in legislation. We regularly update you on legislation changes and will notify you of amendments that might affect your organisation.
Time taken from HR or Facilities Management staff. We allow your staff to focus on their main roles thereby saving on management time.
Developing adequate procedures for dealing with accidents at work. We assist with accident review, analysis and reporting and can be on the scene as needed.
Cost of absenteeism and staff turnover. Improved staff welfare will reduce absenteeism and staff turnover.
The cost of devoting management time to health and safety. Most clients find that outsourcing health and safety responsibilities to Arinite reduces costs.

By choosing Green World Group for your Health Safety needs you will benefit from our

  • Personalized tailored cost-effective service.
  • Pragmatic advice
  • Keep it simple
  • Peace of mind
  • You will be working in partnership with one of the leading Health and Safety firms
  • Our health and safety experts have a variety of accreditations from CMIOSH, NEBOSH and IOSH.

Services we offer

We work with our clients to undertake individual projects such as completing Health and Safety Audits and Inspections, Fire Risk Assessments, reviewing and updating or creating a new Health and Safety Manual or perhaps completing Display Screen Equipment workstation risk assessments…..and much more.

Other clients prefer to have a contract outsourcing health and safety whereby Green World Group acts as one of their competent health and safety persons.

Each Green World Group Contract Service Agreement is tailored to client requirements. Each contract client’s requirements are unique!

The contract may include – not a fully exhaustive list:

  • Acting as one of your Health and Safety Competent Persons.
  • Assisting with the Health and Safety aspects of client tenders, increase client retention.
  • Review health and safety arrangements.
  • Health and Safety Management Audit.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Property Inspection.
  • Completion/Annual Review of Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Fire Audit.
  • Development and maintenance of tailored Health and Safety Policy and Procedures.
  • Development of tailored Forms to implement Policies and Procedures.
  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Workstation Assessments.
  • Liaising with third parties on your behalf.
  • Assistance with ISO accreditations, memberships and on-going maintenance.
  • Assisting with the co-ordination of workplace risk assessments.
  • Specialist Risk Assessment(s).
  • Health and Safety Action Planning meetings.
  • Health and Safety Committee meetings.
  • Attendance at ad hoc meetings.
  • Serious Accident Incident investigation.
  • Liaising with Enforcing Authorities – Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Local Authority.
  • Health and Safety training for: Directors and Managers, Fire Marshal, Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Risk Assessor, DSE Risk Assessor, Manual Handling, Stress Awareness, COSHH, Control of Contractors, Permit to Work, Work at Height and other H&S training.
  • NEBOSH / IOSH Training for staffs
  • On-going expert advice email and telephone support.
  • Health and Safety Annual Report.
  • Access Audit – previously known as a Disability Discrimination Act Audit or Disabled Access Audit.
  • Environmental Protection Audit.
  • Occupational Stress Audit.

Contact one of our Green World Group Occupational Health and Safety Consultant for more information. Please visit our Contact Page.

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