Health and Safety Annual Report

As part of our Health and Safety outsourcing service or if required by itself, we can provide a Health and Safety Annual Report.

The law requires employers in the workplace to monitor and review arrangements for managing occupational safety and health. The Annual Report summarises the year’s health and safety performance. It is also a useful document to keep Senior Management aware of health and safety aspects of their business.

The Annual Health and Safety Report should feed into the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and many organisations would consider it prudent to place it number one on the AGM agenda.

The primary aim of the Annual Health and Safety report is to identify and document your health and safety performance against the overarching health and safety objectives; such as minimizing the number of instances of occupational accidents and illnesses and creating an accident-free workplace.

It should discuss and record performance of health and safety against the Health and Safety Corporate Plan.

The Health and Safety Annual Report template includes:

  • Health and Safety policy and organisation
  • Strategies in place to manage health and safety risks
  • Goals for the preceding year
  • Goals for the forthcoming year
  • Communication Strategy
  • Incident and accident data
  • Cost of work related absence
  • Fire statistics
  • Overview of Health and Safety training
  • Other health and safety items to be added to the agenda

If there was an incident by showing to third parties such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), fire authorities, local authorities and others your organisation has a Health and Safety Annual Report and in particular for consecutive years it would help demonstrate your organisation takes health and safety seriously.

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