IEMA is the worldwide professional body offering qualifications for environmental and sustainability practitioners. This global body has 300 organizations and 20,000+ individuals, who are interested, working or studying in the domain of environment and sustainability.

This course is designed to meet the needs of anyone new to environmental management and gives a fundamental understanding of the environment and sustainability that they need while working in this area.

The IEMA Foundation Certificate is best for all seeking to contribute positively on their environment or sustainability roles. The course comprises a broad range of topics such as environmental principles, management tools, and legislation and focuses on the part of innovative and best practices towards improving sustainable products, and services and how they are related to business.

This accredited qualification provides the tools and competencies that allow for improving sustainability performance and delivers skills that they can apply in the industry.

Certified NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner  & the institute has delivered 1600+ NEBOSH training Batches

Who is the IEMA Foundation Certificate for?

This course is suited for anyone having the responsibility to bring environmental improvements within the workplace. This includes:

  • Anyone starting a career in environmental management
  • Already involved in an environmental role and seeking expertise
  • Member of an environmental scheme within the business

Entry Requirements

No specific needs are prescribed for learners to enrol in the course.

Learning Outcomes

The course learners become capable of:

  • Leading environmental performance improvements and driving the organization towards Net Zero
  • Ensures the business complies with environmental legislation
  • Identify the activities in the workplace that are related to environmental legislation or enforcement
  • Recognize the significance of reducing the harm to the environment, determine the causes of air, noise and water pollution and come up with applicable control methodologies.
  • Assist with the change and transformation needs to improve sustainability
  • Embrace tools and techniques that explore the opportunities and risks
  • By becoming an IEMA member, the learner gets access to various resources, professional support and networking opportunities.

How do you learn?

This is a 5-day course (40 hours), and participants can learn their own way through online.


The IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management course assessment is achieved online. The learners have to take a 1-hour multiple-choice exam.

Assessment Process

Learners are allowed to take a dynamic one-hour, online multiple-choice exam that validates their understanding of the course content.

Your Reward for Excellence

The successful course participants obtain certificates that showcase their accomplishments in nurturing their skills towards environmental management and sustainability.

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