Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment is an assessment of your premises, the activities carried on there and the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to those in or around the premises will be considered for the same.

The aims of the fire risk assessment are:

  • To identify the fire hazards.
  • To eliminate or reduce the risk of those hazards causing harm to as low as reasonable.
  • To decide what passive and active fire precautions and management arrangements are necessary to ensure the safety of people in your premises if a fire does start.

The assessment would be carried out by Green World Group’s competent staff in your premises to give you a comprehensive report. This will involve extensive inspection / survey of your premises. This will help to determine the current adequacy of the fire precautions in place and the need for any additional measures. Of equal importance is a review of current fire safety management within the building and consideration of the human factors such as how people respond to an emergency.

The overall objective of the risk assessment is to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building. In addition Green World Group’s competent staff may make recommendations on property protection.

The Green World Group’s Fire Risk Assessment will include, where appropriate the following:

  • Fire hazards
  • Fire Prevention
  • Storage and handling of flammable liquids and gases
  • Fire safety requirements for contractors working on site
  • Housekeeping
  • Means of escape
  • Compartmentation
  • Flammability of linings
  • Emergency escape lighting
  • Fire safety signs and notices
  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems
  • Fire extinguishing systems and appliances
  • Smoke control systems
  • Facilities for use by the by the Fire and Rescue Services
  • Arrangements for management of fire safety
  • Fire Procedures
  • Training and Evacuation drills
  • Testing and Maintenance, and
  • Record Keeping.

How long is a Fire Risk Assessment Valid for

Under static circumstances this depends upon the risk profile of the property and appetite of the client to mitigate risk. Normally Green World Group recommend a Fire Risk Assessment for a period of two years. But it depends on the facility for which the Fire Risk Assessment is made. For example Fire Risk Assessment conducted for properties such as blocks of flat can go up to three years or more. High Risk sites may need to be assessed annually.

Please contact one of our Green World Group Occupational Health and Safety Consultant for more information.

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