CO2 fire extinguishers, also referred to as Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are extremely beneficial for B & C fire classes. Having a better understanding of the various classifications of fire is essential to know the type of extinguisher that has to be operated during emergency scenarios.

CO2 fire extinguishers are filled with non-flammable and pure carbon dioxide gas. This gas is stored as a liquid in the extinguisher and during the handle of the extinguisher is squeezed; the gas will be created under pressure.

Similar to a conventional ABC fire extinguisher, you must fire the CO2 extinguisher via the P.A.S.S. Method.

Top things about carbon dioxide extinguishers

Designed for Class B liquid fires; Safe on live electrical

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are perfect to extinguish Class B fires that cover oils, flammable liquids and gases, tars, and oil-based paints and lacquers. But remember, they are not ideal for cooking oils/greases. CO2 Extinguishers are also good for Class C fires that involve energized electrical equipment.

Offsets the oxygen to extinguish the fire

The CO2 gas that is released from the extinguisher appears like dry ice. This neutralizes the oxygen from the air that fuels the fire. This helps in disabling the fire growth quickly. However, these kinds of extinguishers don’t work well outside because of the wind drift.

Lesser discharge range

Similar to gases, CO2 from the carbon dioxide extinguishers will start to spread, once they are released. Due to this, the CO2 stream will have a limited horizontal discharge range of 3-10 feet.

No residues

A major advantage of using this type of CO2 extinguisher is there will be no residue left after the discharge. Typically, the cold presence of the CO2 from the extinguisher cuts off the oxygen supply and reduces the temperature of the fire. After the fire has been put off, the CO2 will dissipate into the atmosphere and doesn’t leave any traces. This indicates no damage.

Avoid close contact with the dispensed CO2 and bare skin

The carbon dioxide that is discharged from the extinguisher turns into dry ice and is highly cool. To avoid the consequences due to the extremely cold temperature of the carbon dioxide, it is recommended to avoid close contact with the bare skin and the CO2 discharge.

Are you using the right fire extinguisher in your building?

Having the right fire extinguisher is the key to effectively killing a fire. Green World Group is ready with its expert team to equip your workforce with the appropriate knowledge of handling fire and choosing the right fire extinguisher for your business premises.


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