IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers

It is high time to quickly upgrade your skills to the evolving sustainability world. This IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers qualification is aimed at managers and supervisors and delivers them with a strategic understanding of environmental sustainability principles. This course also upskills the candidates to effectively contribute to the improved environmental sustainability of the organisation. Moreover, the participants are also provided with the essential proficiency to drive positive changes in the organization.

The course learners also can explore the impacts of sustainability on the value supply chain, the essentiality of resource efficiency and how to enhance environmental performance in the workplace.

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Who can Pursue this IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Manager Course

This IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers course is ideal for managers and supervisors of all sectors involved in overseeing organisational improvements in environmental sustainability.

There are no specific course requirements for the applicants.

Learning Outcomes

The learners on completing the qualification become proficient at:

  • Find out the drivers beneficial for sustainable change and recognize the barriers
  • Deploy the understanding and knowledge to baseline data and monitor & enhance performance
  • Awareness of potential impacts on the environment and sustainability
  • Knowledge to improve environmental performance and contribute to sustainability performance improvement
  • Employ sustainability knowledge across the value chain
  • Understand the significance of implementing resource efficiency

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    Age Range:

    Learning Mode

    This course is offered at a flexible learning choice, online mode and is a 2-day course.


    The course is assessed through an hour, open-book and online multiple-choice exam.

    Assessment Process

    The dynamic one-hour assessment session allows candidates to demonstrate their learning of the course content. With the help of an open-book format, learners can effectively utilize the resources and maximize their understanding.

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