Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) certification is meant for finding out workplace bullying / discriminatory behavior, preventing violent actions /incidents, and appropriate responses and conflict resolution. Both employers and employees have responsibility at the workplace. Taking up EEOC training would help organizations to evict discriminatory behaviors and create effective policies that enhance diversity at the workplace. Personnel who violates EEOC-enforced law would have to face potential consequences. On completing this training candidate would have a clear idea of EEOC laws, age, gender, religion, race, disability-based discrimination, etc...


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) helps both employers and employees to understand critical environmental requirements which would impact their workplace. This gives candidates sound knowledge on regulatory requirements, pollution control, pesticide programs, hazardous waste safety management, emergency planning, clean water, and air act regulations, etc... EPA holds the responsibility to monitor and control the guidelines protecting human health & the environment.