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We are the pioneers in delivering some of the best project deliverables in the Health, Safety and Environment service industry with an expert team of professionals who are combined with 30+ years of combined expertise. Green World caters to a wider scope of activities that help corporates in attaining a comprehensive solution that are budget driven. The ‘purpose-built’ services that we deliver are one of a kind and our customer satisfaction is unmatched.


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Engage with the industry experts and pioneers in Audit and Consultancy Services! – Green World delivers a wide portfolio of ISO certification services

Certification Consultancy Services

Extensive portfolio of delivering ISO consultancy services by prepping clients towards meeting the regulatory and confirmatory requirements of the ISO certification they are looking to attain. With over 200+ successfully delivered certifications, a few of the premier clients include:

  • Terralink Global, Dubai, UAE
  • United Oil Supply, Sharjah, UAE
  • GD Technical Center, Dubai, UAE
  • - And many more…!

Look no further! Green World delivers comprehensive manpower solutions to suit your requirements in Regular Hire / Part-time / Interim staffing and Project Based!

Manpower and HR Services

Green World through resilient partnerships with customers have emerged as market leaders of providing technical and skilled manpower hiring and supply services in a cross-functional industry. By providing a comprehensive manpower and staffing solution to clients, Green World focuses primarily on raising production efficiency within a desired budget and enable clients to achieve their long-term targets. Prestigious clientele includes:

  • Smartbox (Abudhabi Ports), UAE
  • Dubai Dry Docks, Dubai, UAE
  • ALSOTM, Dubai, UAE
  • Energoprojekt-Entel Co. Ltd, Dubai, UAE

Need an edge to compete with industrial HSE standards? Green World caters to expert HSE Audit and GAP analysis services to maintain a safe workplace for staff, customers and the general public!

HSE Auditing Services

With over a decade of experience, our team of health and safety experts provide pro-active health and safety advice and thereby support you to protect your business. With our health and safety auditing services, its rest assured that you have a peace of mind knowing your company is legal, safe, organized, running smoothly and moving forward! Our services are enjoyed by

  • Hitech Industries FZE, Dubai, UAE
  • Health Point Hospital, Abudhabi, UAE
  • National Diary Development Board, India
  • Linkedin, Dubai, UAE
  • Italian Jewelry, Dubai, UAE
  • - And many more…!

Green World's HSE consultant have many years’ experience in the creation, management, auditing and improvement of Environmental and Health & Safety Management Systems!

Health and Safety Management Systems

Our Health Safety Practitioners will guide you through the process toward developing and implementing a robust Occupational Health & Safety Management System to help your business strive towards Occupational Safety & Health excellence.

  • Health Point Hospital, Abudhabi, UAE
  • KCT Group, Mumbai, India
  • Gulf Bio Analytical Group, Dubai, UAE
  • Italian Jewelry, Dubai, UAE
  • GD Technical Center Middle East (FZE), Sharjah, UAE
  • - And many more…!

Green World's consultants can provide a comprehensive assessment of risk management plans, highlighting issues and providing solutions!

Risk Assessment & Risk Management

Our Health Safety Practitioners are experts in the risk assessment process and we at Green World Group will help you to identify and implement suitable and sufficient risk control measures. Be it any sector our risk management practitioners are waiting for your call today.

  • Italian Jewelry, Dubai, UAE
  • KCT Group, Mumbai, India
  • Linked In Office, Dubai, UAE
  • Health Point Hospital, Abudhabi, UAE
  • - And many more…!

Green world offers Industrial Annual Operation Fitness Certificate (IAOFC) for companies located in DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center).

DMCC Operation Fitness Certificate

Green world safety and security consultancy, one of the leaders and pioneers in Health and safety consultancy provider in Middle east is proud to announce its next milestone in offering Industrial Annual Operation Fitness Certificate (IAOFC) for companies located in DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center).

We offer the above services to either renew your existing certificates or if you are planning to setup a new business in Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

Our services includes:

  • 1. Developing Health and safety plan, HSE policy and appointed competent HSE representative
  • 2. Training plan, training records and induction records
  • 3. Chemical awareness, storage and spill response training records
  • 4. Firefighting training certificates as per Dubai Civil Defense requirements (10% of Staff)
  • 5. First Aiders certificates
  • 6. Training records for permit to work systems
  • 7. Risk assessment training records
  • 8. Health surveillance records for employees handling hazardous materials
  • 9. Dubai Civil Defense Safety Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Fulfilment/Certificate of Conformity).
  • 10. Emergency Evacuation and response plan
  • 11. Emergency Evacuation Drill Records
  • 12. Accident/Incident procedure, records and investigation reports
  • 13. Fire Systems certificate including Fire Alarm & Detection and Suppression systems checks and reports. Test and inspection certificates for Fire precaution systems
  • 14. EHS Risk register and Risk assessments for all industrial activities
  • 15. Safe systems of work for high risk activities e.g. Hot work
  • 16. Fire Risk Assessment
  • 17. DMCC Hazardous Substances Declaration Form completion.
  • 18. Hazardous substances register, safety data sheets (SDS’s) and COSHH Risk Assessments for all the hazardous materials on site. Training records for specific related PPE requirements.
  • 19. Register of machinery/Equipment installed on site, Manufactures and operational manuals defining testing and certification requirements
  • 20. 3rd party extraction or scrubber unit’s inspection and cleaning records. Certificate of inspection or cleaning contract required.
  • 21. Maintenance contract, testing and inspection records for main gas supply
  • 22. Air emissions inventory
  • 23. Quarterly Indoor air quality testing reports, inclusive of workplace exposure limits performed by a DM approved Laboratory
  • 24. Test and Inspection Certificates for Ventilation systems and HVAC systems
  • 25. Test and Inspection certificates for Electrical systems
  • 26. Pest Control inspection reports and contract
  • 27. Hazardous waste disposal records as per DM requirements
  • 28. Display screen equipment records
  • 29. ‘No Smoking Policy’ in Arabic and English
  • 30. Environmental Plan Summarizing:
    • • Spill prevention and response
    • • Waste management
    • • Indoor Air Quality
    • • Noise and Vibration Control
    • • Environmental Training
    • • Environmental Monitoring
    • • Housekeeping

- Please get in touch with our experts to know more.

Green World offers expert Fire Safety Consultancy, through assessments, audits and training, all of which can be customized to your precise needs.

Fire Safety Services

Our highly competent health & safety experts work hand on in hand with all type of industries and sectors to implement fire safety protocols / risk assessment to minimize the risk of fires in the workplace. To prevent workplace fire hazards and keep your business operations in compliance to all legal standards give us a call for a free consultation.

  • Linked In Office, Dubai, UAE
  • Health Point Hospital, Abudhabi, UAE
  • Italian Jewelry, Dubai, UAE
  • - And many more…!

Green World’s DSEAR qualified health and safety consultants are here to carry out a DSEAR risk assessment for you, ensuring you gain peace of mind knowing that you are compliant when it comes to DSEAR legislation.

Dangerous Substance and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations - DSEAR

Our highly competent health & safety experts will help you to conduct a full-scale safety audit to catalogue dangerous substances across your workplace, as well as the hazards they present. We do test for presence of various hazardous gases / microorganisms in suspension / microbiological test / total bacterial count / total coliforms / fecal coliforms / Escherichia coli / Legionella bacteria etc.

Green World have the experience and expertise to undertake a vast range of noise surveys and noise Assessments!

Noise Survey
(Occupational Noise Monitoring)

Our highly competent health & safety experts conduct accredited workplace noise assessments that include the 3 elements as required by the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005:

  1. Static measurements to map and zone all significant noise sources
  2. The measurement of personal exposure using dosimeters
  3. Frequency analysis of major noise sources to determine the effectiveness of hearing protection provided.

Process Safety Consultancy requires a wide range of specialized skills and competencies. Green World has two decades of experience in providing these expert solutions!

Process Safety Consultancy

Our consultants are industry experts in Process Safety Management who apply their knowledge in structured approach for the compliance. Our services include but not limited to Process hazard analysis (PHA), Layer of protection analysis (LOPA), Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), Asset Integrity Management, Bowtie Risk Management, Fire and Explosion control and management, Management of Change(MOC), HAZID, HAZOP, EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment / Identification), Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessment / Verification Study, Flare Radiation study, SIMOPS and Constructability review etc.

Green World's Consultant will assist you in updating your Covid-19 risk assessment documentation and discuss industry best practices to ensure that you’re still managing the virus in the best possible way.

Covid19 Risk Assessment

We help you create a COVID-19 resilient workplace. Our experienced workplace health risk specialist will help you to assist in establishing and maintaining a COVID-19 resilient workplace. The three main pillars which we will focus are: Getting employees back safely, Manage Risk and Be resilient.

Green World's air quality consultants provide expert dust and air quality services to a wide range of sectors including assessments and management plans of dust, air quality, odour and transport.

Dust and Air Quality Monitoring

Green World provides expert and independent assessment, advice and monitoring of air quality, dust, emissions and odor issues across all client sectors. Our services include baseline surveys, dispersion modelling, local air quality management and monitoring, occupation air monitoring surveys, complaint investigation, small and large scale continuous monitoring strategies, construction management, technical reporting, operational and asset management.

Green World is a leading health and safety consultancy providing HSE advices to the industries & Realtors, on demolition and Construction safety management.

Demolition and Construction Safety Management

Green World will help you understand the risks associated with demolition and construction and will provide end to end capability and full service options across all aspects of noise, vibration and dust specialisms. Our team’s have extensive experience in demolition and construction projects ranging from relatively small scale refurbishment projects to major new infrastructure developments lasting several years. Our services include pre-construction baseline monitoring, preparation of noise, vibration and dust management plans, prediction / modelling of construction noise, vibration and dust emissions, conducting risk assessments, occupational noise, vibration and dust assessments, design and implementation of environmental monitoring strategies, compliance monitoring and auditing and remediation advice and mitigation design.

Green World is one of the best Environmental Impact Assessment Consultancy Firm. If you are on that mission, you have landed on just the right place! We are here to help you!

Environmental Impact Assessment

Green World’s expert consultants have contemporary expertise on the development and application of methodologies and criteria for the assessment of environmental noise, vibration, dust and air quality impacts. Our services under the environmental impact assessment will include environmental baseline monitoring, details site visit and data acquisition, collection of metrological data, AERMOD Model run, air dispersion modeling and study, review and designation of suitable criteria, identification of sensitive receptors and resources, calculation and evaluation of impacts, identification of the likely significant effects, identification of options for additional mitigation measures and reporting of the likely residual significant effects.

Green World's HAZID/HAZOP & FMEA services Within Risk Management helps our client's to identify and control their risks by facilitating workshops using established risk analysis approach such as HAZID, HAZOP and FMEA.


Green World Group’s highly experienced HAZOP Chairmen will ensure that the correct techniques are used for hazard identification and risk assessment and its robust and suitable and be based on the accurate Process Safety Information. We also carry out Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) studies to identify potential failures and assess the resulting effects on the rest of the system. We can carry out the studies using a range of templates but we can provide our own FMEA/FMECA workbooks for recording results and actions. All the templates we provide can be used by clients to maintain these studies as living documents to meet the expectations of the Regulators.

Green World has a team of professional consultants who have proven engineering skills in all matters relating to the approach and determination of appropriate target Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) for Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs)

LOPA / SIL Determination

Another expertise of Green World is conducting of Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) risk assessment technique. This is most commonly used to determine the required Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for Safety Instrumented System (SIS) under specific standards (BS EN 61508 and BS EN 61511). Our experts can help you to specify appropriate IPLs (Independent Protection Layers), Identify Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF), Determine appropriate target SILs for Sis, validate proposed or existing designs for SISs to ensure that SILs can be achieved, Prepare essential documentation for ongoing inspection, functional testing and maintenance of SISs, and review existing practices and procedures within the Functional Safety Management system to assess compliance.

Green World have the experience and expertise to provide studies to understand the factors that can affect human performance!

Human Factor Studies / Recommendations / Solutions

Green World can provide studies to understand the factors that can affect human performance using tools like Task Analysis and Human Reliability Analysis (HRA). Our highly competent consultants can help you to tackle error reduction in a structured and proactive way, and make it an integral part of the Safety Management System. We can also help you by employing both qualitative and quantitative Human Reliability Assessments, sometimes known as Human HAZOPs, Feeding the results of assessments into traditional engineering risk assessment tools and methodologies such as Event Trees and Fault Trees and Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for safety critical operations.

Green World offers a complete range of services to carry out occupied building (facility siting) risk assessment!

Occupied Building Risk Assessment (OBRA)

Green World’s expert team can help you to conduct Occupied Buildings Risk Assessment (OBRA) to assess the risk to people located in the buildings on site. Green World has so far conducted several occupied building risk assessments for many operating companies throughout the process industries as well as commercial buildings. Our experts can help you to carry out OBRAs according to applicable local / international rules and guidance, reviewing of existing building design and identifying remedial measures to increase protection, developing emergency response plans and conduct emergency mock drills in association with Local Civil Defense team.

if you require an ALARP demonstration! Green World has a team of professional consultants who can assist you in complying with your requirements for the competent authority.

ALARP Demonstration

In process industries even when the risks are deemed tolerable or broadly acceptable, companies may still need to do more to demonstrate that they are as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). Green World’s competent team can help companies to demonstrate ALARP by considering additional potential risk reduction measures to see if implementation is reasonably practicable, which requires the use of Cost Benefit Analysis. At Green World we have recognized tools and techniques for dealing with all of these issues, delivering reliable results that have proved acceptable to the Regulators over many years.

Our consultants ensure that incident investigations discover the root causes of incidents so that preventive measures can be put in place.

Accident / Incident Investigation Services

Green World’s competent team can help you determine the cause(s) of accident and identify any failures of the health and safety management system. Our workplace accident investigation reports may also be used to defend any legal action against an organisation. Our services include: - Inspection of the accident / incident location and recording of evidence, Inspection of site health and safety documentation in relation to the accident / incident, taking witness statements, interviewing injured parties, preparation of a full report indicating the root causes of the accident / incident and any recommendations required.

Green World's expert team will help you plan an event to ensure the safety of all those involved.

Event Safety Management

Green World's expert team will help you plan an event to ensure the safety of all those involved; not only the safety of guests but also that of all employees, contractors and members of the general public. Our rigorous Event Safety Management Plan will help you to achieve this by documenting all of the event's Health & Safety arrangements, risk assessments, construction phase plans, crowd management plans, contractor review and indemnification and procedures including: build / live event / de-rig arrangements, site rules and emergency procedures and contingency planning.

Speak to one of our expert to get your Dairy plant audited for Fire Safety and Health and Safety requirements

Dairy Plant Health Safety and Fire Inspection / Audit

Overall in the world two forth of the farm population are getting injured annually. This could be due to lack of a suitable and good safety management system which can lead to health, safety and fire risks. Farms who have a safety plan are better off than those with no plan at all.

Overall in the world two forth of the farm population are getting injured annually. This could be due to lack of a suitable and good safety management system which can lead to health, safety and fire risks. Farms who have a safety plan are better off than those with no plan at all.

Green World Group can also help you to implement the developed system by providing sufficient training, implementing policies and procedures which are key to making your business safe for you, your family and your employees.

Some of our happy customers on the Dairy plant Health Safety and Fire Inspection / Audit are:

  • National Dairy Development Board, India
  • Almarai, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Al Ain Dairy Farms, United Arab Emirates
  • - And many more…!

Client’s Feedback

Cheif SHE Manager, CRCSD

Beijing National Railway Research & Design Institute of Signal & Communication Group Co. Ltd. – India Project

An excellent expertise in designing a GAP analysis matrix based on our operational requirements speaks volumes of how they execute client requirements in HSE Audit procedures and risk assessment. Congratulations Green World Group!

Shamrose Yaqoob

EHS Specialist - SIEMENS LLC, Dubai, UAE

Green world have shown absolute professionalism in providing end-to-end solution by providing qualified HSE manpower for our shutdown and maintenance projects and ensured that business continuity is maintained in the most critical time. A delight to work with such a wonderful team. All the very best.

Fabio Gazzillo

Site Manager - G.D Technical Center Middle East (FZE), Sharjah, UAE

It is essential to work with the right people for the right job and Green World has been instrumental for us to attain the certification in ISO 45001:2018. They certainly know their way to ensure that clients like us are able to meet regulatory requirements and achieve our corporate objectives.

Pradeep Mohan

Manager – IHM and Consultancy Division

Considering the challenges virtual training has, Mr. Varun really excelled at keeping everyone engaged, without causing fatigue. This class was still effective and very informative. Trainer was excellent, well informed, engaging, patient, and even funny at times.

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