Safety Tips of Chemical Safety in the Workplace

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November 19, 2020
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November 20, 2020
Top 9 Important Reasons “Why Accidents & Incidents are Investigated”
November 19, 2020
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November 20, 2020

Many industries, agriculture, and medical organizations involve hazardous chemical usage in their workplace. Such chemicals, when exposed, possess numerous physical hazards and health risks to the workers. Hence it is important to make sure of chemical safety in the workplace.

Here are some basic safety tips that will enable your employees to safely handle chemicals.

1. Appropriate Storage of Chemicals

For any organization that involves chemical substances in their work processes, proper storage of such chemicals is most important.There are dangers of causing harmful effects when handled by an individual or interacting with other substances. Hence, proper storage is a must.

Some of the essential rules here include:
  • Storing only the needed amount of chemicals in the workplace and avoiding excess storage.
  • Ensure only authorized personnel in the work premises handle the chemicals and strictly avoid unauthorized use.
  • Make sure all chemicals don’t have any leaks
  • It is very important that the chemicals carry proper signage warns which indicate the dangers to users
  • Each chemical container should have a label with information on all the associated hazards.

2. Basic Chemical Safety Practices

It is essential to refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and manufacturer label for important information regarding the use of proper PPEs, associated hazards, and proper handling and storing of chemicals. It is highly recommended to ensure that the employees wear necessary personal protective equipment while they come in contact with chemicals. Goggles, gloves, and safety aprons are some of the examples of PPEs used in chemical environments. Employers should ensure that their workers have a general awareness of the proper use of PPEs in the work environment. Furthermore, they should make sure of knowledge on how to use them.

  • Always wear recommended PPEs for the workplace.
  • Ensure the employees wear comfortable and the right kind of PPE for the work they undergo.
  • Disposable PPE should be discarded safely, and it should never be used again.
  • Protective footwear and foot coverings usage should be ensured for protecting the lower legs and feet from chemical exposure.
  • Regular inspection of personal protective equipment for ensuring their good working condition is necessary.

3. Spill Response Plan in the Workplace

Safe handling of a substance always necessitates a good plan in place. Despite the fact that you carry necessary safety measures in the workplace, still creating and maintaining a response plan is very important. Establishing such a spill response plan will help in addressing the effects of hazardous chemicals, and also, it helps in dealing with the situation effectively.

The employees, workers, and all staff on the work premises should have knowledge of emergency equipment and procedures. Important contact numbers for emergency services must be easily accessible for all in the work atmosphere. Since there are situations of chemical spilling that can happen even for a professional technician, proper handling of spilled chemicals is vital.

Establishing a spill response plan should address all the prevention strategies related to chemical spilling, proper ventilation, evacuation procedures, and obtaining immediate medical care. Spill kits should be readily available in the workplace. If any chemical spilling happened, it should be immediately cleaned based on the instructions of the safety data sheet for the product.

4. Focus on Training the Employees

Unless you have regular training and build awareness among the people in the workplace, there is no use in your well-organized plans. All the employees and others in the work environment must have adequate knowledge of chemical hazards if they encounter the chemicals. All the employees should be given training to equip this knowledge. Moreover, training on adhering to the SDSs, regular safety and compliance measures, basic job safety practices, and protective measures is also important.

A proactive approach is the need of the hour for efficient chemical safety; having the right training program will satisfy such demands. A set of recommended safety practices and health programs is suggested by OSHA. One of the best ways to ensure the safety of all related to handling chemicals in the workplace is to educate them with proper training materials.

Green World Group gives you the necessary chemical safety training for your workplace. Take advantage of such training programs and ensure the best chemical safety in your organization.

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