Strengthening Collaborative Partnerships: BPCL’s Visit to Green World Group
for Health and Safety Enhancement

In an effort to enhance their commitment to health and safety standards and promote sustainable operations, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) recently embarked on a significant journey. the key representatives of BPCL, including Mr. Sanjeev Raina, Chief General Manager (HSSE) Corporate, and Mr. Roshan Shihab, General Manager (HSSE) Corporate, Mr. Vivek Prabhu and Mr. Chaitanya Chilukuri from BPCL, visited Green World Group on the 20th of September 2023, in Dubai. This visit aimed to elevate partnerships, evaluate on-going initiatives, and explore the potential for formal agreements to solidify their collaboration.

Awards and Appreciation

In recognition of their outstanding contributions to HSE, Green World Group CEO Mr. Shanker Sreekumar proudly honours Mr. Sanjeev Raina, Mr. Roshan Shihab, with an Appreciation Award for their unwavering commitment to safety and continuous improvement. This award serves as a testament to the dedication and hard work of both organizations in fostering a culture of safety and sustainability.

The Team Lunch was a perfect conclusion to a productive and insightful visit, reinforcing the commitment of both BPCL and Green World Group.

Mutual Growth through Partnership

The visit was driven by the shared vision of BPCL and Green World Group to promote health and safety standards within their operations. Both organizations recognized the immense value of collaboration in achieving this goal. This collaborative approach would contribute to the broader community by promoting sustainable practices.

One of the primary objectives of the visit was to assess the progress and effectiveness of existing joint initiatives between BPCL and Green World Group.

Shared Experiences and Best Practices

Mr. Sanjeev Raina, Mr. Roshan Shihab and the team played pivotal roles during the visit, sharing their extensive experience and insights in the field of health, safety, security, and environment (HSSE). Their expertise enriched the collective understanding of health and safety standards, providing valuable insights that will guide future endeavours. Additionally, they exchanged best practices with Green World Group, further enhancing their collective knowledge and capabilities.


In conclusion, the visit of BPCL’s key representatives to Green World Group exemplifies a commitment to building a safer, healthier, and more sustainable future. Through their dedication and collaboration, they are poised to make a lasting impact on the field of health and safety standards.