Which Fire Extinguisher Type Is Suitable for Your Sector?
March 28, 2024
Exploring The Future Of Sustainability – Scope Of Green Careers
March 30, 2024
Which Fire Extinguisher Type Is Suitable for Your Sector?
March 28, 2024
Exploring The Future Of Sustainability – Scope Of Green Careers
March 30, 2024

Exploring The Future Of Sustainability – Scope Of Green Careers

The emerging awareness towards environmental concerns and the surging demand for sustainable solutions, shed light on green careers. This transition to a sustainable world not only combats against climate change but also paves the way for millions of green jobs. As per the World Employment and Social Outlook: Greening with Jobs report, conducted by the International Labor Organization (ILO), the transition towards a green economy is expected to create 24 million jobs by 2030 across the world.

What are green skills?

Green Skills broadly represent the skills, knowledge and capabilities that individuals needed to reduce environmental impacts, contribute to a more sustainable society and unlock wide growth opportunities.

Typically, these skills comprise a range of understanding and proficiency to become aware, promote and deploy environmentally friendly and sustainable practices across diverse sectors and roles. Often they are categorised as generic or specific-task competencies based on particular professions.

Green Skills are essential to tackle environmental challenges and are absolutely becoming important for the future across various sectors and varied positions in the workforce.

What are green jobs?

Green jobs represent the jobs that demand green skills. They indicate the category of the profession that directly benefits and contributes to environmental sustainability and enhances the environmental outcomes for an organisation.

In employment, green jobs apply to roles that could leave a positive impact on the existing or future environment. It can be used irrespective of the role or industry.

Future scope and demand

Green jobs have their core role in addressing the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow and shaping a sustainable future. The boom in the green job market clearly indicates the steady increase in the demand for green-skilled professionals. The demand for green skills is getting bigger and individuals with relevant skills will witness faster career growth.

Transform your skills for a Green World

With a surge in green jobs across the world, it is high time to get equipped with green skills and embark on an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding career path. At Green World Group, we are with the mission of empowering professionals to the world of green jobs that change their lives. Our portfolio contains the latest IEMA environmental qualifications, Nebosh environmental qualifications, OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Environmental and Sustainability Management and more. that groom the skills of professionals and prepare them to face the challenges of the energy transition.

Our contribution towards environmental sustainability is always appreciable and once again we make it true through an impactful webinar - Safety Officer to an Environmental Expert: Career Transformation. It is hosted by Green World Group and useful insights are shared by expert speakers MR Edward from IEMA and Mr. Gagan, from Refex. We have covered crucial topics such as Introduction to Green Jobs, Green Skills, Green Careers Hub and more. Look into the video to learn more about the most in-demand professions of the future.

Wet chemical Extinguishers

Specifically designed to tackle kitchen and oil fires, these extinguishers contain a potassium solution to cool the fire and they are labelled in yellow colour.

Best for:
  • Fires involving cooking oils and fats
Not ideal for:
  • Fires caused by flammable liquids, gases and electrical fires.

Fire Safety with Green World Group

Green World Group ensures every aspiring learner is offered the right qualification in fire safety. Our extensive fire safety training covers fire safety, fire risk assessment, fire warden, fire extinguisher and many more. Green World also helps to build a lucrative career in fire safety through Fire and safety diploma courses, NEBOSH Certificate in Fire safety or CFPA Training Courses, and more.

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