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Green World Group spiced up its crucial permutation with Human Focus International to reinforce its learning management system which is progressing constantly and has taken intelligent turn around to serve you with the ROSPA, UK approved short term specific training courses. Anyone of you attending these training courses can explore and develop to such an exponential level through your own extensions. This phenomenon of joining these training courses would be hybrid thinking, eventually developing your knowledge horizons.

Along with the array of the offer of the training programs, now Green World Group offers;

  1. Accident Investigation
  2. Fire Safety
  3. First Aid
  4. Lifting Operations
  5. Permit to Work

To impart engaging compliance training, Green World Group enlivens things through its learning management system and increases the impact of the global safety regulations in you. The series of these programs instill a love of learning through the video clips and offer you the noblest pleasure of the joy of understanding.

In this most thriving eLearning innovation, after the successful completion of your allocated course, you can print your Training Card with the Unique Identification Number and the engraved QR code with the hidden response of your course completion details. At the end of the learning tunnel in this eLearning system, you can download your certificate of completion of the training program. You are invited to feel the love of learning, the sequestered nooks and all the sweet serenity of the knowledge dump.

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