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For a workplace, be it small, medium or large, occupational health and safety takes the precedence over all other important aspects as managers are prioritised to ensure that all employees get comfortable, safe and healthy work environment. With new industries coming up rapidly across nations, the nature of workplace risks and hazards too have evolved, challenging safety experts to put in place fully secured and hazard-free workplaces.

As different industries offer diverse occupational and environmental risks and dangers, safety managers need to have up-to-date knowledge, skills and awareness to handle critical situations to protect employees and people around workplaces from various types and possibilities of occupational mishaps.

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Workplaces generally have adequate safety mechanism adhering to all international and local standards and laws. This is to ensure that workers remain safe and healthy and no discontinuity happens to the production process. But due to ignorance and lack of knowledge on safety rules, employees do get into trouble which should be addressed ably by safety offers and management personnel by providing safety training to new recruits and employees shifting to other sections, through competent HSE experts.

Not only the health and safety officials, who are responsible for providing hazard-free workplaces, but also all employees concerned, senior managers and management officials should have basic understanding and awareness on occupational risks and dangers related to the work environments they are associated with. This will lessen the impact on them in the vicinity in case of a sudden mishap or accident.

Companies looking to have safe, healthy and accident-free work setups should engage competent workplace safety managers and officers along with fully geared-up and updated safety equipment and protective gears. Industries, which intend to ensure safe workplace for their workers, do sponsor their existing workforce to take up accredited certification courses on occupational safety and health from reputed international institutions. These safety courses such as NEBOSH training are on great demand as every workplace look to engage with qualified and experienced safety officers to protect their property and skilled labourers from hazards, accidents and health issues.

NEBOSH is a popular and highly rewarding occupational health and safety course certified by a U.K-based independent educational board having accredited training centres across the globe. Green World Group is one such NEBOSH accredited training centre having branches across India and several other nations. NEBOSH courses enhance students’ and working professionals’ skills on managing occupational safety and health hazards and making them aware on various international safety standards to be engaged in different workplaces.

Green World Group is a pioneer in educating and guiding aspiring students and career-oriented working professionals who want to scale-up their qualifications to serve as HSE professionals. With its world-class training centres offering industry-specific and risk-oriented health and safety courses of various levels, Green World Group educates students through their experienced and highly skilled teaching and training professionals who not only take the best out of them but also offer excellent career guidance.

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