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NEBOSH IGC training course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Occupational mishaps and hazards are becoming increasingly common affecting the growth of industries around the world. Though countries take measures to introduce safety standards and regulations, accidents do happen due to various reasons with most common among them being lack of awareness among workers on various safety and health protection measures, willful non-compliance of regulations and policies by hazardous industries and governments’ lack of will to crack-down on defaulters.

Green World Group, which has spread its wings worldwide as a leading education provider for students and working population on occupational health, safety and environmental issues, has been taking efforts to spread the awareness on the ill-effects of substandard and unhealthy work environment filled with natural and induced hazards, potential dangers to workers and other environmental effects.

Green World Group in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has been conducting classes to participants who want to excel as HSE professionals in their chosen field. Conducting some of world famous occupational safety and health courses and indigenous diploma courses, the institution has been successfully created thousands of workplace safety and health experts and practitioners around the world. Some of the most outstanding courses conducted at GWG’s Dubai and Abu Dhabi centres include NEBOSH, NEBOSH IGC, IOSH, ADOSHEM and diploma courses covering safety aspects of different industries.

NEBOSH is a UK-based educational board which offers courses to students and workers around the world through affiliated centres. Green World Group in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are NEBOSH recognized centres which have state-of-the-art infrastructure for the participants to get trained under the tutelage of well trained and experienced tutors.

NEBOSH-IGC is an international certification program developed by NEBOSH for the aspiring students and working professionals who want to become HSE professionals in their career. The training program improves the participants’ ability to manage workplace safety and health issues independently with confidence and introduce necessary policies and frameworks to achieve safe and secure work environment.

The course is highly rated by employers around the world. NEBOSH-IGC qualification is mandatory for getting into other higher qualification in NEBOSH and other safety and health certification courses.

Also, the job prospects for those having NEBOSH certification is very high with employers preferring NEBOSH professionals over others to protect their skilled work force and machinery.


Academic Counsellor – Dubai
Mohamed Rafi
Mob: +971 557044902

Academic Counsellor – Abu Dhabi
Sunit Gill
Mob: +971 559949371