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Lifting Operations


This training introduces a covers a range of common equipment and associated hazards. It demonstrates how accidents occur and explores the essential principles that must be put into practice to work safely. Training is also available in how to undertake a lifting operations risk assessment to conform with the lifting regulations (LOLER regulations).


At the end of the course, trainees will be able to identify the:

  •  Identify the key requirements of the LOLER regulations
  •  State what equipment is covered
  •  Identify key duties and responsibilities
  •  Recognize the key risks associated with using lifting equipment
  •  Identify ways of reducing the risks when using lifting equipment
  •  Take appropriate action to maintain safety.

This course will be valuable for health and safety advisers/officers, safety representatives, managers, supervisors or anyone with responsibility for investigating accidents.


Running Time: 30-45 minutes

Lifting Operations is delivered in a video format at the end of which the delegate would have to undergo an objective based assessment.

On successfully completing the assessment, the delegate would obtain a completion certificate and can print a wallet card with a unique identifier number. These can be checked either by scanning the QR code or in the ‘Check a Card’ function on the home page of Human Focus International LMS.

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