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IOSH Managing Safely in UAE

Workplace accidents are the major source of concern for industries around the world, as globally mishaps and disasters are causing huge loss in terms of human lives and properties. The startling fact is that majority of these incidents, according to global safety experts, could have been averted had standard safety procedures were in place. But do all workplaces follow the prescribed safety measures to prevent workforce becoming victims to occupational hazards and dangers?

Though majority of them do take the help of professionals/consultants or set up their own team of experts to protect men and machinery, some of them are still to offer secure work environment for their workers leading to unexpected disasters and losses.

Organizations and industries in UAE want qualified and experienced safety professionals to protect their skilled workers and costly machinery. One of the most outstanding courses, which has widespread acceptance and recognition, is IOSH Managing Safely.

Offered by the leading occupational safety and health institution and consultant Green World Group, the IOSH-certified course is ideal for those associated with safety management of concerns following safety policies and best practices.

IOSH Managing Safely makes students understand standard safety requirements for industrial surroundings in and around UAE so that they can implement correct and timely measures to prevent shutdowns and accidents. They will be trained to review their own safety procedures, introduce time-tested controls and effect appropriate changes to ensure overall occupational safety.


The three-day class room training also would help to create awareness on workplace hazards, risks and dangers among the participants and trains them to develop safety procedures and practices. Students are also trained to take appropriate measures in case of unforeseen incidents, enhance their probing skills, identify and assess high-risk places, and update them with technological know-how on time-tested safety measures.

Green World Group in UAE chapter conducts this coveted course for students and working professionals who want to achieve career enhancement to become successful HSE professionals.

The next batch of IOSH Managing Safely course commences on June 28, 2016 in which students will have classroom training for the first three days. Standardized course material will be provided to students before the course commencement date to make them familiar with subjects and topics to be discussed.

As an early bird offer, those who are joining for IOSH MS will be offered  UK ROSPA approved First Aid certificates  . So, what are you waiting for?

Hurry! Only limited seats are available. Book your seat now!

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