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Significance of health and safety training in Dubai

Majority of us spend considerable part of our lifetime at workplaces. Work environment varies depending upon the nature of business activity. It can be a manufacturing unit, an office at a high-rise floor or any public service enterprise.

As the nature of job varies from one workplace to another, occupational risks also vary according to the work we do. As Dubai is one of the advanced industrialised nations in the Middle East, work place accidents are limited to human errors and mechanical failure.

Accidents can happen at any time and at any place. Work place accidents, to a certain extent, are avoidable if proper precautions are taken. As every work place has a possibility of a certain type of hazard or risk, employers should caution their workers or staff and evaluate measures to ward off those risks or dangers. This not only helps their business interests but also prevents employees becoming victims to workplace accidents. 

Though having first aid kits and trained health workers will help at the time of emergency, it is imperative to create a fool-proof mechanism to prevent accidents due to work place hazards and risks.

Industries in Dubai have understood the importance of health and safety training among employees and encourage them to undergo offsite or onsite training on occupational safety.

Though employers in Dubai offer highly advanced and sophisticated work environments for their work force, accidents are however, unpredictable and unavoidable. Work place accidents lead to fatalities or injuries, loss of livelihood and productivity.

Safety Training in Dubai

Green World Group, a leading institution in Dubai, provides training courses to students and working professionals on various aspects of occupational safety. Some of the courses offered by the institution are highly recognised by industries world over. UK-board certified NEBOSH and IOSH along with ADOSHEM and industry specific diploma courses are offered for the benefit of workers in Dubai and whole of UAE.

The training programmes are conducted at the state-of-the-art class rooms with modern facilities by highly experienced and supportive tutors. Courses are also conducted through online and distance education modes to facilitate students to study at their convenient time and place.

Occupational safety and health training courses offered by GWG are well recognised by employers in Dubai and across UAE.

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