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Fire Safety, First Aid Awareness & Accident Investigation – RoSPA UK Courses

Accidents can happen to anyone anywhere, be it at workplaces, on roads or at homes. Though preparedness won’t help most of the time, precautions do to avoid or lessen the impact of mishaps.

The increase in number of workplace and other fatalities due to accidents around the world has opened up the doors for safety experts who can, not only prescribe ways to avoid unforeseen events but also create an aura of safety around us when we are at work or home.

Providing safety around us has become a rewarding profession these days and there are several institutions which offer accredited courses on workplace safety, health and environment protection. In recent times, there has been more crave among youths and working professionals to empower themselves with knowledge and skills on fire safety, first-aid preparedness and auditing accidents to prescribe safety measures to individuals and organizations.

Take for example, the Green World Group, a leading educational and advisory board on occupational safety and health, has been in the forefront of offering some of the finest safety courses in the world. Which also offers Fire Safety, First Aid Awareness & Accident Investigation Certification Courses accredited by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, a UK-based board promoting safety and prevention of accidents at workplaces, outside or at homes through safety education) in association with Human Focus International.

Fire Safety

RoSPA-certified Fire Safety course is offered through e-learning mode for all employees in any industrial environment. The course covers the latest fire safety tools, principles, regulations and guidelines to follow to prevent fire and evacuation procedures in case of fire.The course, while improving the awareness on fire safety among employees, also deals with risk assessment, fire safety hazards, fire extinguishing techniques and risk control measures.

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First Aid Awareness

The next important thing which can save life is the knowledge on first aid to be given to a person who has taken ill or met with an accident. First Aid Awareness program offered at Green World Group provides a complete road map to the participants on attending a person who is in distress due to illness or accident before the arrival of medical aid.While providing an overview on the importance of first aid at work, the course also dwells deep into legal obligations, first aid procedures suitable for patients’ health conditions, prescribed safety and health standards and steps to be taken in case of medical emergencies.

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Accident Investigation

Course on Accident Investigation is a niche one which is gaining momentum among working professionals and students. The course also helps to equip workers with knowledge and skills to conduct probe to find the reason behind the accidents so as to prescribe preventive measures to avoid recurrences.This e-learning course helps students to probe the cause of accidents, understand preventive measures, procedures to gather information and prescribe measures to prevent recurrences of accidents at workplaces and outside.
All these courses are recognized by employers around the world and students can assure themselves for a great career if they obtain any of these certifications.

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