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Behavior Based Safety Management

Behavior Based Safety Management

BBSM works with organizations to create and implement customized safety culture solutions with the help of behavior based safety. Behavior-based safety management (BBSM) is seen as a magic panacea for everything that ailed safety programs. It is at the core of a diverse range of modern safety training programs. At least 95% of injuries at work have an element of unsafe behaviour – the things we should do but don’t, or don’t do when we should.

On the positive side, because it’s people that have accidents, and people that cause accidents, it’s also people that can prevent them, hence the role of behavioural safety as well as the other things described above. There is plenty of evidence from companies using behavioural safety and seeing dramatic improvements in their safety performance. We can improve the safety performance here by getting involved in behavioural safety.

Course Duration:  30 Hours.

Assessment Method: Assessed by 50 ‘2 mark’ questions.

BBSM Course through Green World Group!

It is a 30 hour online program designed to understand the relation between the behavior of the worker with his work place and the various outcomes that it can bring about. It explains the PDCA cycle and it’s applications along with safety culture and implementation of safety culture inorder to make the work place safer to work in, this is explained by the various personality changes, motivation and frustration, attitudes, learning concepts and various methods to implement BBSM in your work place.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Improved levels of quantified safety behaviors.
  • Reduced numbers of accidents or incidents, near-misses and property damage through BBSM techniques.
  • Importance of safety culture
  • Assessing and implementation of safety culture in work place.
  • Identification of related system issues
  • Improved Corrective Action rate
  • Improved people skills
  • Better Safety Leadership
  • Implementation of ABC model in a work place.
  • Helps to understand and relate to a worker at a personal level which has a long term effect in terms of safety.

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