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Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management

Being one of the most famous National Diploma courses for workplace safety and management, ADOSHEM provides advanced training to students and working professionals in providing safety and wellness to workers and protect them from various worksite dangers, hazards and health risks. The course helps students scale up their qualification to post graduate levels and also secure prestigious honorary memberships from International safety organizations.


Master Diploma in Offshore, Rig, Oil and Gas Safety Engineering

The Master Diploma dealing with offshore safety criteria in various work or industrial environments is intended to make students thorough professionals in providing safety to workers from high-risk and dangerous conditions and hazards. This course deals with advanced knowledge and operational skills in occupational safety and health in offshore work environments.


NEBOSH IGC Course in Abu Dhabi

Green World Group in Abu Dhabi is a pioneer educational institution and advisory board which has been conducting career-oriented and internationally popular occupational safety and health courses for students and industry workers since 2006 in an effort to reduce workplace disasters and shutdowns.


Being the best NEBOSH institute in Abu Dhabi, we have been highly successful in preparing delegates for the globally acclaimed NEBOSH IGC exams. As we also conduct classes for other NEBOSH certified safety courses, candidates can look for well recognized and tailor-made safety education courses such as IOSH, Lead Auditor Course and Government recognized National Safety Diploma Courses. We choose safety courses after a thorough industry analysis and provide the most-wanted and industry-friendly health and safety training to fit delegates’ career orientations and likings.

Being the top-class HSE trainer, we are the NEBOSH-certified training centre (our Accreditation Center No. 733) to conduct all NEBOSH courses and have been training students through our world-wide centers located in India, UAE, Iran, Angola, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

Students who wish to undergo NEBOSH IGC Course in Abu Dhabi or any other recognized safety officer course, should reach us through the below given contact details.

Quick Contact :

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Sunit Gill , Mob: +971 55 9949 371 ,

Green World Group in Abu Dhabi offers students and industry workers widely-popular safety courses such as NEBOSH, IOSH, HAZOP and Customized HSE Courses. Students who wish to get training to tackle risks and dangers involved in some specific industries, can join us for :

  • Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management
  • Diploma in Offshore Safety
  • Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management
  • Diploma in Industrial Safety and Diploma in Construction Safety

Nebosh Course in Abu Dabhi

NEBOSH qualificationis beneficial for those seeking successful career in health and safety industry. Every year over 50,000 vacancies are being created in the world for safety professionals and NEBOSH qualified HSE candidates remain highly successful in getting most of the jobs.

NEBOSH course training at Green World Group helps students acquire latest knowledge and proficiency in dealing with different types of risks, hazards, insecurity and work-related health problems for employees.

NEBOSH IGC offers fundamental HSE training for students and workers who can apply for higher qualifications and accredited safety memberships. NEBOSH IGC is the most studied course which can offer students lucrative positions in industries such as :

  • Safety officers
  • HSE trainers
  • Health and safety specialists
  • Workplace managers or safety auditors

Anyone can do this safety training course and we do conduct on-site training camp for employees on the behest of employers.

At Green World Group in Abu Dabhi, students who are undergoing NEBOSH training are assured of quality training, reasonable course fee, well-planned course schedules, personal attention, easy learning methods and excellent career counseling.


Academic Counsellor – Abu Dhabi
Sunit Gill

Mob: +971 559949371


Green World Group in Dubai is a top-notch educational centre conducting classes for various internationally recognized and accredited courses since 2006 on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment for students, employee representatives and career-driven safety professionals.

We have the distinction of successfully training students and employees belong to different geographical locations and industries for the most competitive and highly rewarding NEBOSH IGC exams. Being the best NEBOSH Institute in Dubai, candidates can also look for internationally recognized and most famous safety certification courses at Green World Group such as IOSH, Lead Auditor Course and Government recognized National Safety Diploma Courses covering various risks and dangers faced by industries. All these courses are carefully selected to suit students’ and industries’ needs and are taught by expert tutors to make every candidate a successful HSE professional.

Our global recognition has been further vindicated by the fact that we are one of the most highly recognized and NEBOSH accredited training centers (our Accreditation Center No. 733) in the world having state-of-the-art training centers spread across India, UAE, Iran, Angola, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia.

Students wanting to join NEBOSH IGC Course in Dubai or any other recognized safety officer course in Dubai, should contact us through the below mentioned contact details.

Students can choose some of the most famous and employable safety courses such as NEBOSH, IOSH, HAZOP and HSE Customized safety Courses in Dubai at Green World Group centre. We also offers tailor-made and career-oriented safety training courses such as Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management, Diploma in Offshore Safety, Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management, Diploma in Industrial Safety and Diploma in Construction Safety.

Nebosh Course in DUBAI :

NEBOSH is the most rewarding qualification for health and safety professionals seeking outstanding success in their career.

NEBOSH-certified safety professionals usually grab the most of the 50,000 odd job vacancies being created every year for competent and well qualified safety officers.

Nebosh course training at Green World Group offers excellent opportunity and ambience to learn the nuances of workplace safety conditions, regulations and implementation techniques. NEBOSH IGC can be studied by anyone who has the basic qualification and understanding on importance of workplace safety and its regulations. The course can be taken by students, workplace managers, supervisors, employee representatives and other workers who wish to enhance their knowledge by accessing quality HSE training.

NEBOSH Course in Dubai at Green World Group ensures

  • students quality training, affordable fee, tailor-made courses, individual attention, transparency, flexibility in learning, excellent career guidance, high growth prospects


Academic Counsellor – Dubai
Mohamed Rafi

Mob: +971 557044902

Make Your Career Progression with NEBOSH Safety Certification

To ensure safe work environment to millions of employees across the globe, several measures have been taken by governments and safety organizations through strict legislations, training courses, regulations, safety standards and awareness programs, to prevent accidents and losses. However, by training workers on the importance of workplace health and safety and engaging qualified HSE experts, who can identify potential hazards and take effective measures, employers can assure absolute safety to their workforce.

NEBOSH is a UK-based safety educational board which has a set of HSE courses formulated for students and working people around the world who wish to be engaged in their career as health and safety officers of different industries and enterprises. NEBOSH courses are being conducted through assigned training schools across the world including in the Abu Dhabi.

As UAE has several industries belong to different sectors, there is a large-scale demand for health and safety officials and managers who possess NEBOSH Health and Safety certifications. NEBOSH course in Abu Dhabi is the most sought-after qualification for students and industries, alike.

Students and those who are already employed and looking to switch over to safety domain for career enhancement can consider Green World Group in the UAE, which is the NEBOSH-accredited institute having the reputation of being the best NEBOSH trainer in the world.

Candidates in Dubai and other regions of the UAE, who are interested in the best course on occupational safety, can consider NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) to step-up their educational portfolio and get into core industry as safety experts. NEBOSH IGC training can help delegates to secure up-to-date knowledge and expertise in the field of workplace safety and environment protection. Candidates who have the basic qualification, language skills and fundamental knowledge on occupational safety and health can join NEBOSH IGC course. NEBOSH IGC also helps safety personnel to secure professional affiliated memberships offered by internationally known boards and institutions.

NEBOSH International Diploma is one of the outstanding safety courses in Dubai. Being an advanced level HSE course for those who are aiming for senior level safety openings in industries, students can learn critical technical knowledge and managerial skills on workplace safety and environment security. Students or working professionals with NEBOSH IGC certification can enroll for NEBOSH International Diploma for their career progression.

Being the largely accepted HSE course in Abu Dhabi and other areas of the UAE, NEBOSH certifications remain the most favoured qualification employers look for in an employee’s portfolio across the Middle East.

Of all the safety qualifications, NEBOSH health and safety courses are considered the best by industries for its efficacy in bringing out highly efficient Occupational Health and Safety professionals.

Join your most desired safety course at Green World Group and get the best price with attractive packages for NEBOSH HSW, NEBOSH IGC, & NEBOSH IDIP courses. Hurry! Get your prestigious seat today at GWG for a great career journey.

Take the right step to provide in-house safety training for workers

Workplace safety and health for any industrial environment is highly critical for its own existence. Employers do comply with the prevailing legislation to ensure that the employees have adequate knowledge and get training to protect them from the workplace hazards and health risks.

Apart from meeting the legal compliance’s, organisations can count on many benefits if they provide effective health and safety training to workers. Not through simple boring lectures and box ticking exercises, industries need to take special interest to educate and equip the workforce to effectively handle high risk and dangerous workplaces and instill them the importance of remaining healthy and safe while on duty.


For employers, who have made their workplaces safe for workers, apart from meeting all legal formalities, can relax since their staff is now competent to take care of themselves and protect others too in adverse situations. Safe work environment leads to minimal work interruptions and more work hours as there will be less number of accidents, and chances of employees falling ill remains minimal. Workers too feel relaxed and happy to work in safe and secure places and their productivity obviously remains high.

So, how to plan a safe and healthy workplace? Employers, apart from following all guidelines and stipulated safety laws, should also organize regular in-house safety training for their staff by competent safety and health personnel. Safety training varies from one workplace to another as HSE experts and trained safety professionals should assess the risk factors and formulate suitable in-house safety training program for everyone – from permanent and daily wagers to management representatives.

Priority should be given to do risk assessment to know the exact training needs, methodology, potential risk areas and employees’ knowledge, skills and capability to undergo training on workplace safety. Companies should also seek employees and employees’ representatives’ cooperation for planning and organizing training camp inside the workplaces.

After the training, there should be a regular review session by the people responsible for safety training to check how good the employees are following safety standards, conditions of safety equipment and existing machinery and whether there is any addition of new work or machinery and risk assessment need to be prepared. The review report along with recommendations should be shared to the management from time to time, which will lessen the chances of injuries due to accidents, near misses or health issues.

Companies planning for regular in-house training for their employees to prevent workplace catastrophe and shutdowns should engage professional safety and health training institutions such as Green World Group, which is an international organization having branches across the globe and engaged in imparting both classroom and in-house training for workers to handle various risks and dangers associated with workplaces.

Alternatively, industries can sponsor their workers to join highly rated safety courses such as IOSH, NEBOSH and industry-specific health and safety diploma courses conducted by Green World Group and get them the internationally recognized certifications. These highly skilled HSE experts can be engaged to train workers on occupational safety and implement suitable safety standards to prevent accidents and losses.


For a workplace, be it small, medium or large, occupational health and safety takes the precedence over all other important aspects as managers are prioritised to ensure that all employees get comfortable, safe and healthy work environment. With new industries coming up rapidly across nations, the nature of workplace risks and hazards too have evolved, challenging safety experts to put in place fully secured and hazard-free workplaces.

As different industries offer diverse occupational and environmental risks and dangers, safety managers need to have up-to-date knowledge, skills and awareness to handle critical situations to protect employees and people around workplaces from various types and possibilities of occupational mishaps.

safety officer

Workplaces generally have adequate safety mechanism adhering to all international and local standards and laws. This is to ensure that workers remain safe and healthy and no discontinuity happens to the production process. But due to ignorance and lack of knowledge on safety rules, employees do get into trouble which should be addressed ably by safety offers and management personnel by providing safety training to new recruits and employees shifting to other sections, through competent HSE experts.

Not only the health and safety officials, who are responsible for providing hazard-free workplaces, but also all employees concerned, senior managers and management officials should have basic understanding and awareness on occupational risks and dangers related to the work environments they are associated with. This will lessen the impact on them in the vicinity in case of a sudden mishap or accident.

Companies looking to have safe, healthy and accident-free work setups should engage competent workplace safety managers and officers along with fully geared-up and updated safety equipment and protective gears. Industries, which intend to ensure safe workplace for their workers, do sponsor their existing workforce to take up accredited certification courses on occupational safety and health from reputed international institutions. These safety courses such as NEBOSH training are on great demand as every workplace look to engage with qualified and experienced safety officers to protect their property and skilled labourers from hazards, accidents and health issues.

NEBOSH is a popular and highly rewarding occupational health and safety course certified by a U.K-based independent educational board having accredited training centres across the globe. Green World Group is one such NEBOSH accredited training centre having branches across India and several other nations. NEBOSH courses enhance students’ and working professionals’ skills on managing occupational safety and health hazards and making them aware on various international safety standards to be engaged in different workplaces.

Green World Group is a pioneer in educating and guiding aspiring students and career-oriented working professionals who want to scale-up their qualifications to serve as HSE professionals. With its world-class training centres offering industry-specific and risk-oriented health and safety courses of various levels, Green World Group educates students through their experienced and highly skilled teaching and training professionals who not only take the best out of them but also offer excellent career guidance.

IOSH Managing Safely in UAE

Workplace accidents are the major source of concern for industries around the world, as globally mishaps and disasters are causing huge loss in terms of human lives and properties. The startling fact is that majority of these incidents, according to global safety experts, could have been averted had standard safety procedures were in place. But do all workplaces follow the prescribed safety measures to prevent workforce becoming victims to occupational hazards and dangers?

Though majority of them do take the help of professionals/consultants or set up their own team of experts to protect men and machinery, some of them are still to offer secure work environment for their workers leading to unexpected disasters and losses.

Organizations and industries in UAE want qualified and experienced safety professionals to protect their skilled workers and costly machinery. One of the most outstanding courses, which has widespread acceptance and recognition, is IOSH Managing Safely.

Offered by the leading occupational safety and health institution and consultant Green World Group, the IOSH-certified course is ideal for those associated with safety management of concerns following safety policies and best practices.

IOSH Managing Safely makes students understand standard safety requirements for industrial surroundings in and around UAE so that they can implement correct and timely measures to prevent shutdowns and accidents. They will be trained to review their own safety procedures, introduce time-tested controls and effect appropriate changes to ensure overall occupational safety.


The three-day class room training also would help to create awareness on workplace hazards, risks and dangers among the participants and trains them to develop safety procedures and practices. Students are also trained to take appropriate measures in case of unforeseen incidents, enhance their probing skills, identify and assess high-risk places, and update them with technological know-how on time-tested safety measures.

Green World Group in UAE chapter conducts this coveted course for students and working professionals who want to achieve career enhancement to become successful HSE professionals.

The next batch of IOSH Managing Safely course commences on June 28, 2016 in which students will have classroom training for the first three days. Standardized course material will be provided to students before the course commencement date to make them familiar with subjects and topics to be discussed.

As an early bird offer, those who are joining for IOSH MS will be offered  UK ROSPA approved First Aid certificates  . So, what are you waiting for?

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